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Taiwan post official customer service

Taiwan post contact no: 0800-700-365
Taiwan post website www.post.gov.tw
Taiwan post online mailing form

Typical Taiwan post tracking number:


Taiwan Post: Reliability and On Time Delivery

Taiwan Post is a multi-optional service provider. The company offers its services in the sphere of delivery and finances.

The company has a great development history. Nowadays it is one of the leading postal companies in Taiwan. The logistics company has a well-developed delivery network, the system of sortation hubs, a big network of service centers and the Taiwan Post Track system. The mail tracking system is an excellent instrument for monitoring and delivery control.

The transportation company handles domestic and international orders. The key factor of success of this logistics company is its personnel. Each member of the team understands the importance of the fulfilled work. Clients highly estimate the care and good attitude of the company’s staff. Besides, the clients highly appreciate an opportunity to obtain detailed data about their orders with the help of the Taiwan Post track system.

The Taiwan Post Tracking System: An Ideal Monitoring System

The Taiwan mail tracking is a unique service, which allows checking information about every order online. The Taiwan Post tracking system can be found on the official website of the company. If a client wants to get data about the sending, they need to enter a tracking number in a special field on the company’s website. The tracking number is a unique combination of digits and letters which client receives during the registration of the order.

Usually, it takes a few seconds to receive the request result. All data are constantly updated and can be fully trusted.

As all tracking systems, the Taiwan shipping tracking contains all necessary information about the delivery items. Clients can find out information about the geo-location, weight, estimated time of arrival and price of the order. Besides, the system is under constant supervision of a special support team, which maintains its uninterruptible work.

Services of the Taiwan Post

As we mentioned above the company provides its clients with postal and financial services.

Here are some of them:
· Hybrid mail;
· Stamp mail;
· Stamp collecting;
· Postage rates;
· Address writing;
· Zip code;
· Postal saving;
· Payroll deposit service;
· Time deposit services;
· ATM card.

All-purpose Tracking System vs. Native Track Systems.

Both types of tracking systems are very useful and convenient, but with the help of universal tracking services like K2track, clients can get information about a great number international transportation companies just on one web page. Similar systems contain almost the same data as native services and are also updated every 5 minutes.

So, the main advantage of universal systems is an opportunity to track information regarding sendings that were made via different logistics companies. One doesn’t need to open several tracking systems at once, just one all-purpose service can help get the required data.

To handle hundreds of requests per minute, similar systems use very powerful servers that ensure their trouble free work.

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