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Old Dominion official customer service

Old Dominion phone no: 1-800-235-5569
Old Dominion website www.odfl.com
Old Dominion online mailing form

Typical Old Dominion tracking number:

11-numeric like 12345678901

Old Dominion: From a Single Truck to the Global Delivery Company

The Old Dominion Company has a great story of success. It was founded in 1934 as a local delivery service. The company had only one truck in its disposal. At the present day, the company has hundreds of trucks and more than 20 000 thousand employees. However, its philosophy remained unchanged, “Helping the world keep promises”.
All employees share every word of the company’s slogan and prove it in their everyday work. They all understand the importance of every order, thus deliver every order on time and damage free.
The company has 224 service centres across the continental part of the USA. It also works in cooperation with other delivery services providing their clients with the access to services in other countries of the world.

Among them:
· Mexico;
· Canada;
· China;
· Europe.

The Old Dominion Shipping Tracking Service

Being a client-oriented company, OD understands the importance of delivery control and gives the opportunity to control the transportation process to its clients via the Old Dominion track system. The clients can check the information online; the website of the company has a very user-friendly interface and has an excellent Old Dominion freight track system. Clients can get detailed information about the cargo with the help of a unique tracking number.
Old Dominion tracking number it is a special code, which a client receives during the transfer of the cargo to the personnel of the company. So, when a client wants to check the location of the cargo it is possible to do this, using the Old Dominion tracking system. The system allows receiving information about the location, weight, estimated time of arrival of the cargo as well as the sum of money the recipient will have to pay for the sending (in case the sender hasn’t paid for the sending).
The Old Dominion freight delivery is considered one of the most reliable and time-proved logistics services in the USA. When you pass your parcel or larger cargo to the company’s representative, you can be sure that it will be delivered within the specified time frames.
The Old Dominion tracking system is always under the control of the company’s support team. The company understands its importance for the clients and does its best to ensure the stable and failure-free work of the system. The Old Dominion track system is available round the clock, so you can get the necessary information at any time of the day.
Definitely, the company’s native tracking system is very convenient. However, the clients who send cargo using the service of many delivery companies will appreciate one universal tracking system. As compared to opening several different web pages at a time, the universal system is more convenient. Among the universal systems it is necessary to differentiate the K2track system.
The service has a very convenient interface and operates without any glitches. It contains data regarding all world delivery companies. So, if you need to get information about several delivery items at once, you can easily do it with the help of K2track tracking service. The information in the system is updated every 5 minutes.

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