Privacy Policy.

Last updated: March, 22, 2016


We are glad to welcome you on our website – a great parcel-tracking tool.
This Policy statement was written to let you know which data you provide while using our site and how do we use this data.


We want to inform that when you entering and start using our service – you automatically agree with this Policy Statement and all of its materials.
If you disagree with any thesis of this Statement – you should just stop using website and leave it.

Personal data.

To use our site and its tracking tool you do NOT need to provide any personal info to us, except the tracking number.

Why do you need to put your tracking number while tracking?

To get tracking results you just need to put your tracking number into a field and press “Track It” button.
While tracking you see the results according precisely your parcel and no one else’s one.
To get this results system needs to recognize your parcel in the database. Your tracking number is a unique key that store the entire parcel’s route info in it, that’s why you need to put exactly your tracking number in this field.
We do NOT collect, store, transfer etc. this info to any person – only you see this number while using the site.
The tracking number uses only to recognize your parcel in the database, and it does NOT use for any other purposes.

Which info do we collect?

Our service can automatically collect the non-personal info such as our website’s visited pages, time of its usage and user’s IP address.
Important notice!
With help of this info we CANNOT get any of your personal data such as your name, surname, your home address, billing accounts, credit card numbers etc. – you stay incognito for us.

How do we use this data?

This info is used to make an analytics report to improve our service effectiveness.
We do NOT use all of this info for any other purposes.

Our help-page.

We have a help-discussion powered by service. There you can ask any question about troubles with tracking, parcels etc. The Mod of our site can ask you to provide a tracking number of your parcel or the destination country for it. This info needed to find a best solution for your case. You post this info on your own free will and on your own risk.
We do NOT collect, save and use any info provided in this discussion.
Please be informed that all the info you post there in comments (like your name, phone, tracking number, email, location etc.) is available for every user and it is NOT private.
We’re NOT responsible for this info and we NOT vouch for other users and their usage of any data.



Cookies is a small text files which are usually stay on the user’s device up to the end of the web-session (till you stop serfing the Internet & use your browser). Sometimes they can be saved for a little bit longer.

While entering it sends one or two cookie-files on the user’s PC (other devices also receive the cookie-files).

Cookies are used for:

  • - Making easier the website usage and increase the provided services quality
  • - The ads-analyses purposes.
Different companies (Google etc.) are using cookie-files to show you ads. Choice of these files is based on your previous visit to our site.
Applying cookie DoubleClick – files let Google-company and their partners show you advertisements when you’re surfing the Internet.
You can switch off these files in the ads-preferences menu. Moreover, you can refuse cookies-usage, which was placed by independent vendors for showing targeted ads on page.

Google Analytics & Adwords, analytics web-services by Google Inc. (“Google”)

     1. How is a remarketing uses in our web-ads? uses a Google Analytics remarketing function. It gives an opportunity to show a specially chosen ads for previously-visited users on the other websites.

A sided cookie-file uses for remarketing. This file is provided with DoubleClick.

It helps to provide remarketing in the Google Display Network for different products like Adwords.

For example, after visiting website user decided to visit a purchases-blog, which is a part of a Google Network. Using the Google Analytics remarketing the shown ads will contain proposes to use the website for parcels tracking.

     2. How are the other vendors (including Google) prefer to show you ads?

Google Analytics is a free web-analytics service by Google, which lets to find out how are users interact with their webpages. This function provided to the website owners. The info-gathering is absolutely anonymously in it. Google Analytics uses its own cookie-files to track the user’s actions on the webpages. It lets to know some different facts, such like:
  • - Was the person on this site before?
  • - From which pages person moved to this website?
  • - How long he was there? Etc.

     3. How to switch off the cookie-usage by Google & other vendors?

You can switch off the cookie-usage, provided by Google in your Google account – Ads Preferences.

Cookie-files by the other vendors you can shut off on Network Advertising Initiative website.

Perhaps we will use a DoubleClick’s remarketing pixels. You can switch off the cookie DoubleClick files on the relevant webpages of DoubleClick and Network Advertising Initiative websites.

To change or disable the Google Analytics usage you can also use:

To find out more about Google Ads services & documentation about its usage please visit The Google Privacy Policy is published here Google policy.

Your data’s security.

We’re doing our best to protect all the info posted on our site. However, nowadays some people are trying to break website’s security systems for their pleasure (they are usually great known as hackers).
So be known that despite of all our secure system this site can be broken and that people can use all the info without any permission.
That’s why we want to tell that we can NOT guarantee a full protection of all the data, so you dispose it at your own risk!

Privacy Policy updates.

We’re improving our website every day and this Privacy Statement can be updated on our discretion in every moment depends on the different additions we can add.
All the changes in this Statement will be available on this page.