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SAIA official customer service

SAIA contact no: 1-800-765-7242
SAIA website www.saia.com

Typical SAIA tracking number:

Saia Pro number is a 11 digits long composed only from numbers. For example:

SAIA Tracking System or How Customers of this Company Can Monitor Parcels

Being the citizen of the USA, you will face the necessity to deliver cargo (in case your business relies on reaching load) for sure. SAIA is the trucking company, you can defer to. This is a reliable American company, specializing in cargo delivery countrywide. For you not to worry about the delivery process, we created an efficacious service – trackingshipment.net. SAIA Freight tracking service is available on this website.

Short Information about the Company

SAIA was founded in 1924 in Louisiana. During the first fifty years, it operated only within the territory of Texas and Louisiana. The corporation expanded its range of services after 1980 and began delivering cargos in other American states. It merged with some other delivery companies and started providing delivery services in 34 states. It stands to mention that among other American shipping companies, this one is included in the list of 10 best carriers.
Nowadays this particular company can boast with 147 terminals, located in 34 states countrywide and in Canada. Besides, the company has an extensive network of partners and delivers cargo to such places as Alaska, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

The company consists of three service groups, like:

· SAIA Logistics Service;
· LinkEx.

According to the statistics, this corporation makes approximately 26,000 shipments per one day and its staff contains more than 9,000 employees.

The Mission and Services of SAIA, Including SAIA Freight Tracking

In the business of delivering services, the experience is of paramount importance. Cooperating with this company, you will face excellent services and moderate pricing policy. The mission of SAIA is to provide their clients with the best services, including SAIA Freight tracking service.
The company provides the best logistics services. Their team of specialists always works productively. Besides, the cost of services is not sky-high. The company constantly works on developing smart solutions to customer’s challenges. Saia constantly works on improving the quality of their services and always tries to meet customer’s demands. By dint of SAIA tracking, customers always have access to the online system of monitoring parcels. This is very convenient because each client who needs to know the precise location of his or her cargo can make use of this system. The process of shipping spreads before your eyes in a matter of seconds.
Collaborating with Saia, you will surely be amazed by the quality of their services. SAIA tracking also operates perfectly. The main concept of this particular company is the quality of services, provided by them. Regardless of the type of services you select, SAIA constantly tries to satisfy each customer.

How to Track a Package

k2track is an online service, allowing you to monitor your packages or cargo. Being the client of SAIA, you will surely search the ways to control the shipping stages. This website allows you to trace your delivery items. Just fill in the field above with your unique SAIA tracking number and the system will generate a detailed report for you. This system works instantly.

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