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FedEx tracking status

  • SHIPMENT INFORMATION SENT TO FEDEX - the sender is only made an electronic shippping order but didn't bring the parcel for mailing to the postal company yet.
  • ON FEDEX VEHICLE FOR DELIVERY - the parcel will be delivered as soon as it possible
  • SHIPMENT INFORMATION SENT TO U.S. POSTAL SERVICE - an item was sent to the local postal service for delivery
  • CLEARANCE DELAY - IMPORT - your parcel arrived to the destination country and now is on customs clearnce there
  • SHIPMENT EXCEPTION - you should contact the courier and find out what’s wrong with your item
  • HELD AT FEDEX LOCATION FOR RECIPIENT PICKUP - you can pick your item up at the Fedex facility
  • DELIVERY OPTION REQUESTED - you should contact Fedex and provide an extra delivery info
  • RETURNING PACKAGE TO SHIPPER - the parcel is going back to the shipper
  • SHIPMENT CANCELLED BY SENDER - sender asked to get the parcel back to him
  • CLEARANCE DELAY - your parcel’s customs clearance takes a little bit more for some reasons.
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