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It’s hard to imagine modern life without courier services. That’s why today you can find a wide range of companies, providing this type of services. But how does one choose the most suitable from that vast variety of offers? The answer is quite clear it is Express post (a.k.a. Auspost). This courier offers a lot of advantages. Firstly, it's the biggest well-trusted national company with a long history. Secondly, its network covers not only the entire country but also deals with international deliveries. Sending your parcel with this carrier will not only bring a best-quality delivery, but also a cheap prompt service.
  • Australia postwebsite

  • Customer support phone no:
  • For Australian customers 13 POST or 13 7678
  • For foreign consumers + 61 3 8847 9045

Postal tracking status definition

Shipping information received by Australia Post

- when you see this status while tracking, it means the following. You and the sender agreed to the delivery. You provided him with all the necessary information about yourself your living place, name and other. Using this data, they booked a delivery order online or via phone. Until this moment the box wasn't sent yet only an electronic order exists.

Accepted by Australia Post

- postal office received an item from its addresser for future sending. The parcel was registered in the carrier's database and now is being prepared for the delivery process. This is the first step in the whole procedure.

Picked up by Australia Post

- means that the sender ordered a home pick up. The postal worker arrived at their address,took the package and formalized all the necessary docs. After that, it will be sent to you.

In transit

- this message means that the company works on package delivery actively. At this time, the box is moving to the next point (postal office).

Processed through Australia Post facility (or Processed through facility)

- sorting is completed for your package. As known, delivery cannot be successful without the competently organized transit route. That’s why the originally defined route is always being improved adjusted during the entire movement. This is the main reason for sorting procedure.

Arrived at facility

- means that the parcel is at the post office. It will be registered there, and the postman will carefully check its condition. If everything is ok (packing is not damaged, and address is written clearly), the package will go to the next facility.

Arrived at facility in destination country

- this status can be displayed only for international sending. It means that the parcel came to the country, the addressee lives in, and the local carrier accepted it. Post Au does not deliver it anymore now it entered the custody of a national courier in the country of destination.

Item Cleared by customs

- also describes the trans-border package condition. The customs clearance was passed successfully. Each box, which moves from one country to another, must pass the customs check in both countries. In case, its contents do not adhere to the customs laws of the country; the parcel will be dispatched back to the place it was sent from initially.


- congrats! Delivery was finished - the person, who was waiting for the item for so long, finally received it.

Attempted Delivery

- unfortunately, the post failed the last step package handling. Most probably, nobody was at home, when the postman arrived, and the box was returned to the local post office. You can expect the second effort on the next working day. Also, you can arrange it by yourself. To do that, you should go to the office to receive the parcel.


I can’t track my package.

If you faced this situation, don’t worry - you can find a solution easily. The most frequent reasons are:
  • a mistake crept into the entered data (in this case some symbol are misprinted or missing) better check it again.
  • internet connection failed on your device - try to reconnect.
  • Post does not deliver this package - choose a correct carrier.
  • the addresser has no sent it yet.

How to contact Au Post?

If you want to get in touch with the courier directly, there are several possible ways, namely:
  • use local phone number 13 13 18 - for citizens of Australia only.
  • call on the international number + 61 3 8847 90 45 - for any country.

Where is my package?

Thanks to tracking option, you can get an answer to this query in a few seconds. This website gives you an opportunity to find out the parcel whereabouts at any desired time. Just enter the provided number into a specialized field and you’ll see the results.

Where is my parcel locker?

Today the delivery technologies do not stay still, and it becomes easier day by day. So you can get your mail not only from a postal office or wait for it at home, but using a special parcel locker pick it up anytime you want, cause it works day and night. But where is it located? To identify your locker, you should enter Australia post site and choose a suitable option. Also, you can find an instruction on how to organize delivery into the parcel locker there.

My parcel is being held in customs, what to do?

Firstly, you should calm down this problem can be solved easily. Amount of reasons that can cause this situation is quite numerous, that’s why you should specify the exact one for your parcel. To do that - contact the customs department at 13 13 18 (or use acustom support link).

My parcel is lost, how to solve this?

In this case, you should tell the sender that there is a difficulty with the parcel. After that, they should contact the postal office, the package was sent from, and notify the company. The next step is to fill in an application form. This process will initiate a search for this item. When the investigation is finished, the sender will get a detailed report about all the movements and what you can do, based on the received info.

My parcel is delayed, how to speed it up?

To speed up any delivery, you should contact the courier. The fastest way would be using the phone number 13 POST (13 7678). Inform the postal workers about the delay, and they will find the best solution.

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