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Slovenska posta official customer service

Slovenska posta contact no: 0800 122 413
Slovenska posta website www.posta.sk

Typical Slovenska posta tracking number:


How to Control the Transit Procedure with This Website

With our service, you can find out the current order status of all delivery items, sent through the services of Slovenska Posta. The Slovenska Posta tracking system, which you can find on this web page, allows you to do this. You should fill in the search box with the Slovenska Posta tracking number, and the system will offer a result to you. Due to this service, all customers of this postal service provider can control the transit procedure personally. Besides, there is no need to attend the nearest post office. The information about the approximate time of arrival is included in the report.

When you send a package, cargo or letter through the services of one or another logistics company, your delivery item will get a special tracking code. A tracking number consists of 15 figures. Each order has its unique tracking code. When you send anything, you will also get it. With a tracking code, the transit procedure will be under your control.

Some people deliver or pick up packages very often. Their business relies on deliveries. In this case, they will appreciate k2track – an international tracking system. This is an indispensable and cross-functional tool for every person who tracks packages, sent by various logistics companies. The service of tracking Slovenska Posta delivery items is also included in its database.

Services, Offered by Slovenska Posta

We cannot say that their range of facilities differs somehow from similar postal service providers. The spectrum of services is the following:

· Correspondence;
· Delivery of Packages;
· Financial Services;
· Express Services;
· Advertisement.

In any case, you can track and trace Slovenska Posta sendings, using the track system. It enables you to check the order online in a romp.

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