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Poșta Română official customer service

Poșta Română contact no. 021 9393
Poșta Română website www.posta-romana.ro

Typical Poșta Română tracking number:


Romana Post: Convenient Services for Every Client

Romana Post is the state postal service provider. The modern company was founded in 1991. Since that time, the delivery service provider has undergone many structural and technological changes. Initially, it was a postal company, which delivered ordinary mails and parcels. Nowadays, it is a multi-service company, which provides its clients with such services as:

· Mail and parcel delivery (both domestic and international);
· Logistics services;
· Currency exchange;
· Software development;
· Consulting services.

The company has a well-developed delivery network, the system of regional sorting hubs and service centers and the Posta Romana track system. The Posta Romana tracking service is an easy to use monitoring instrument for the company’s clients.

The postal service provider pays much attention to the professional training and personal development of the company’s employees. The main goal of Romana Post is to provide top class services.

The main idea and global vision are to satisfy the necessities of every client and deliver postal items to even the most remote parts of the world.

The company’s staff is always ready to find a unique delivery solution for every client.

The Posta Romana track Service: Updated Information about Postal Items

The Posta Romana tracking is an easy and fast technical solution for uninterruptable monitoring of postal items. The mail tracking service allows getting information about all types of sendings and contains data regarding the weight, price, location, estimated time of arrival and other useful information about the orders.

To get the necessary information, a client has to visit the official website of the delivery company and check the data with the help of a tracking number. The tracking number is a special combination of digits, which should be entered into a special field on the company’s website. Online data is constantly updated, so users can be sure that it is factually accurate.

The Posta Romana track service runs without glitches and processes the data in a few seconds due to the powerful capacity of servers.

A special team of engineers who fix technical issues in a moment supports the work of the tracking service.
The system is an excellent monitoring solution for both private and business clients. It allows optimizing personal time and business processes.

Omni-Purpose Tracking Solutions

When a client uses services of different delivery companies, it is not convenient to use several tracking systems at once. For that reason, they can use services of universal tracking systems like K2track. Such systems contain all necessary information about postal items and do not differ from native tracking services. Their main advantage is an opportunity to use only one system instead of several different tracking web pages.

These systems are highly efficient and responsive. Besides, they also have special support teams that monitor their work, so clients can be sure that the information they receive is updated and true.

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