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PostNL official customer service

PostNL contact no: 0900 0990 (45ct / per call*) (*For residents of the Netherlands only)
PostNL website www.postnl.post
PostNL online mailing form

Tracking PostNL supports the following number formats:


PostNL Tracking Service and Information about an Approved Delivery Corporation

PostNL is a reliable company, specializing in the professional mail, package and e-commerce services. It operates in the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany. If you are the resident of one of the above-listed countries and make use of the PostNL facilities, welcome to our PostNL tracking service on k2track.

What does PostNL offer?

This corporation is the first provider of a parcel and postal services inside the Netherlands. Nowadays the company collaborates with the postal services of the country and some private delivery partners, aiming to provide their clients with the top-of-the-line and guaranteed network for shipping any type of mail or packages.
Every day the company delivers more than million letters and packages to more than 200 countries. The availability of the PostNL international tracking service allows customers to control the delivery process. Besides, in Europe, the services of this particular company are regarded as the fastest ones. Almost every letter is shipped to the destination point within 3 days.
Because of the growth in the popularity of online sales, the company managed to create a huge and reliable network of parcel delivery. Package tracking helps customers monitor the shipping process online. Nowadays, many clients can freely rely on their e-commerce expertise to make their businesses develop rapidly.

The Spectrum of Services and PostNL Tracking Service

The company proposes a complete package of facilities that can cater for the most exacting clients. They are as follows:

• Mail Delivery. You can send letters or other types of documents countrywide and abroad. Mail tracking service allows you to track and trace your documents or letters. However, the company works rapidly and letters are delivered within several days.
• Parcels delivery. You can order shipment either abroad or countrywide. PostNL track service is a good chance to see the delivery process on a real-time basis.
• Return services. The company even offers free returns.
• Logistics services. The company offers a full spectrum of international as well as domestic logistics services.

PostNL Track Service or How to Monitor Mails or Parcels?

k2track is a website, collaborating with all major shipping companies and PostNL is one of them. PostNL tracking service is also available to every client of this corporation. You can trace the delivery item at any time of the day. Type your tracking number in and within a couple of minutes see where your mail, package or cargo is at the moment.

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