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USPS track service gives an opportunity to check the Pos Malaysia packages too.

Pos Malaysia official customer service

Pos Malaysia contact no:
1-300-300-300 (Domestic)
603-2727-9100 (Overseas)
Pos Malaysia website www.pos.com.my

Tracking Pos Malaysia supports the following number formats:


The Malaysia Post Track Service – the Number One Tool to Control the Delivery Online

If you wrestle with a subject where to find a reputable tracking service, welcome to the Pos Malaysia parcel tracking system. On this webpage, you can easily check the current order status of the delivery item sent via the services of Malaysia Post. To check this information, you should enter the Malaysia Post tracking number in the field you see at the top of this web page. The website processes data rapidly and you will be offered the result in a slip second.
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Malaysia Post: Portfolio of the Company

This is the leading logistic and communications service provider. Nowadays, this company is in great request among the residents of this country and is regarded as the leading company in the area of domestic and international deliveries. Throughout the years, the company managed to grow from a small delivery company with limited services to a global postal services provider.
It was established in the early 1800s in the Straits Settlements. First letters were delivered with the help of dispatch riders. There were no postal stamps and to deliver letters, fees were collected. With the evolution of technology, the range of services also was improved greatly. Moving forward, the company continues to innovate itself with the aim to provide the best postal services to connect Malaysia with the other countries. The Malaysia Post track and trace system is an ideal confirmation of the fact that the company keeps abreast with the times.

The Overview of the Services

As far as Malaysia Post is deemed to be a reputable partner in the area of delivery services, this company can boast with a range of facilities. Malaysia Post offers you lots of postal and enterprise solutions. Besides, you can always defer to the services of the Malaysia Post package tracking system, allowing you to find out the precise location of your letters, documents or packages.
Postal services are as follows:

· General Mail (the delivery of standard and non-standard mails and FlexiPack Domestic services). The Malaysia Post Track system enables you to control the shipment.
· International Mail.
· Express Mail.
· Collection Services.

Besides, the company also offers a set of enterprise solutions like business mailing and eCommerce. In any case, you will be pleased with the quality of their services and any your letter or parcel will be delivered on time.

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