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Kazpost official customer service

Kazpost contact no. 1499
Kazpost website www.kazpost.kz

Typical Kazpost tracking number:


Kazpost – the National Postal Service Provider

The history of the company goes back to the 19-the century. The first postal service in Kazakhstan was established in 1883. However, the modern company was organized in 1993, two years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nowadays, the delivery service provider is the biggest national postal provider in Kazakhstan. It handles the biggest number of domestic sendings as well as the international orders.

Kazpost has an incredible infrastructure, which was obtained by the company from its soviet predecessor. However, the company didn’t stop its development and was once again reorganized in 1999. After the modernization, the company continued the development of infrastructure, client’s services and implemented the Kazpost track system. The mail tracking service is a fast and convenient way of checking information online.

The Kazpost Online Tracking: Your Incredible Tracking Instrument

The development of the internet opened a great number of useful features for people. One of them is an opportunity to receive data about the sent postal items. The information can be received from the company’s website with the help of the Kazpost tracking service. To get the data a client needs to use a tracking number. Each client receives a tracking number during the registration of sending at the official postal service center of Kazpost.

Kazpost tracking is an interactive system, which provides clients with all necessary information about the order. Clients can find out the location of the order, its weight, date and approximate time of arrival and cost (cost of the delivery).

The system processes all requests in a few seconds. So, how it works? When a sender passes the postal item to the representative of the company, they register it in the company’s database. During its delivery the item is registered at every transitional postal service center. So, when clients make their requests, they receive information about the current location of the sending.

The Main Services of the Company

The company has a great set of services and here are the most important of them.
· Mail delivery;
· Package delivery;
· Express delivery (EMS-Kazpost);
· Money transfers.

Kazpost Track in Comparison with K2track Tracking

The main difference between two systems is that K2 track is a universal tracking service. It contains data about many international transportation companies and allows checking several tracking numbers at once. Besides, it contains almost the same data as the native tracking service of the Kazpost.

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