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Hamburg Süd official customer service

Hamburg Süd phone no: +49 40 37050
Hamburg Süd website www.hamburgsud-line.com

Hamburg Süd post tracking number:

SUDU1234567 ("SUDU" letters at the beginning plus 7 numbers)

Hamburg Sud Group: From Local Shipment Company to Global Logistics Organisation

The company has a great story of its formation since its foundation more than a century ago. The shipment company was founded in 1871. Initially, it was a local shipment organisation, which with the course of time transformed into the global shipment group. Nowadays the Hamburg Sud Group is one of the ten world’s largest shipment companies; mainly operates in North-South trades.
The shipment service provider has also an excellent reputation beyond the shipment sphere and is known as a diligent and reliable partner for non-standard solutions for clients.
Hamburg Sud is a client-oriented company, which controls every party in the transportation process. For this reason the shipment provider created the Hamburg Sud track system. The Hamburg Sud shipping tracking is a very convenient and extremely effective way to monitor and control client’s orders.

The Hamburg Sud track Service: Safety and Timely Delivery of Your Order

The Hamburg Sud tracking system is fast and efficient monitoring system. When a client dispatches the cargo, they want to be sure that it will be delivered on time and without any damages. Besides, they want to know the expected time of arrival in order to plan their business processes.
The Hamburg shipping tracking allows fulfilling all the above mentioned goals. A client can easily check the required information online. On the official website of the company, one can find the Hamburg Sud tracking system, to get the information, it is necessary to enter a special tracking number (the client receives a number during the registration/acceptance procedure). When you track Hamburg Sud shipments, you can get detailed information about the geo-location, weight and expected time of arrival of the freight. The system is constantly updated, so the clients should not worry about the truthfulness of the information.

The Hamburg Express Tracking against K2track system

The native tracking system of the shipment delivery provider is very convenient and precise. However, it contains information only about shipments made with the help of the Hamburg Sud Company. In case a client uses the services of other delivery companies, it won’t provide them with information about the shipment.
Especially it is a subject to big companies that have to track hundreds of orders every day. In this case they can use a very easy, but effective solution. They can use a universal K2track tracking system. It contains detailed information about all delivery companies of the word. So, to track necessary information about all orders, you need just one universal system.

Types of the Company’s Services

The company has a wide variety of shipping and transportation services.
They are as follows:

· Liner Shipping;
· Transportation Solutions;
· Wide variety of containers;
· Used container sales;
· eCommerce.

Anyway, if you need a specific service, you can always discuss it with the representative of the company. Hamburg Sud is always looking for individual solutions for every client.

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