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ELTA official customer service

ELTA contact no: (+30) 800-11-82000, 210 3353777, 210 3353100
ELTA website www.elta.gr
ELTA online mailing form

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The Elta Courier Tracking System: Your Must-Have Tool to Control the Delivery

Modern postal service providers do everything to the convenience of their real and potential customers. ELTA Post is not an exception to the rules. Everyone interested can easily check the status of the delivery item using the ELTA track service. The procedure is very easy – enter the ELTA tracking number in the required field and enjoy the report in the comfort of your home. The system deprives you of the necessity to visit post offices personally. Just take a mobile device, find the ELTA Tracking service, enter the tracking code and see the result.

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ELTA Courier: Your Reliable Business Partner

ELTA is not just an ordinary logistics provider. This is a group of companies, specializing in offering high-rated postal services in Greece. The story of this company started long ago – in 1828. It started operating almost at the same time when the Greek State was established.

Nowadays, ELTA group comprises several affiliated companies. Besides, the state holds more than 90 % of the capital.

In these latter days, ELTA provides the citizens of Greece with its services and operates on the international level. Their mission is to work every day and try to comply with the demands of their clients. Furthermore, ELTA is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. They constantly work on their services and create new products, promoting innovation. The Greek Postal regulator sets targets and ELTA achieves them successfully.

What Type of Services does the Company Provide?

ELTA serves for all types of customers; all requirements are met – business and personal ones. Furthermore, the ELTA delivery tracking system enables consumers of their services to track delivery items, being anywhere they want.

For the most part, the services are subdivided in the following way:
· Letters and Parcels. All types of deliveries are included – domestic and international. The mail tracking service is included.
· Financial Products. All types of banking products (money transfer, bills payments, road transfers, etc.)
· Retail Products. Prepaid and telephony products, corporate gifts, mail boxes, packaging, etc.

Besides, if you are greatly concerned about the prices, you can download the pricelist on the official website. The ability to trace orders online (using the ELTA track system) is always offered to any customer who wishes to know the precise location area of their letters or packages.

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