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ZIM official customer service

ZIM phone no: 1-866-744-7046
ZIM website www.zim.com
ZIM online mailing form

ZIM typical tracking number:

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ZIM Container - the Leading Carrier in the World Shipping Industry

About ZIM Container

Now, this organization is one of the hugest global carriers in the shipping industry. It was created in 1945 and nowadays, it is deemed to be one of the most reputable ones. The company’s target is to provide the clients with reliable and flexible delivery solutions that are based on the experience the company has.
During these years, ZIM Container cultivated partnerships with their customers in order to provide them with an extensive range of services. The staff is a team of skilled professionals and any cargo challenge can easily be met by them. The company proposes only proven shipping solutions comprising such services as the delivery of perishable goods, hazardous and out-of-gauge cargo. ZIM tracking service is also implemented by the company. It bears mentioning that ZIP container track system is an exceptional capability for all customers to be aware of the shipment process.
Every client is viewed as a valued individual. The company guarantees that all clients will have the chance to enjoy the advantages of working with this carrier. The company delivers cargo to 120 countries. The extensive network of this logistics company is able to connect your business to strategic world ports. Those who seek for the method to track freight can easily defer to the services of ZIM container tracking system.
To deliver cargo the company uses its professionally maintained containers of all types. All vessels are equipped in accordance with the industry standards. So, the organization can easily guarantee you the outstanding results.

The Range of Services

As far as this company is the leading one in the logistics market, its spectrum of services is really broad. Besides, ZIM shipping tracking service allows customers to control every parcel or cargo sent via this company.
All services can be categorized in the following way:

• E-services, comprising the cargo tracing, shipping quotes submission and vendor portals;
• Special Cargo. The company delivers all types of cargo. To deliver cargo in a proper condition, the company worked out the entire logistics procedure.
• Schedules. The company offers various views of the shipping schedule. You can choose it on the official website according to the information you need.

How to Check My Freight Online?

This company offers the service of ZIM tracking. To do this, you need to access the official website and enter your ZIM tracking number where it is required.
Besides, you can receive a detailed report with the information about the exact location of your cargo and arrival time, using our service. The system will generate a report for you in a matter of seconds. Besides, this system is an indispensable tool for those, who collaborate with several logistics companies and wish to trace several packages at a time.
Besides, you can also defer to the services of k2track – a reliable online tool for tracking freight.

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