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Toll Courier – the Leading Express Company in Asia Pacific Market

Here you can track and trace your consignments sent via Toll Courier Company. This company is a leader in the area of delivering optimal logistics solutions to their consumers throughout the world. You can employ the services of Toll Tracking service and find out the precise locality of your delivery item.

About Capabilities of the Company

Toll Courier caters its services for an Asia Pacific market. Its huge experience and correct approach to what they do, allow them to be and to stay the leading provider of logistics solutions. The company was founded more than one hundred years ago and grew from a one-horse operation to the company, providing its spectrum of services on the domestic and international level.
The company operates an extensive fleet, which comprises all means of transportation – air, road, sea or rail vehicles. Besides, there are vessels that perform their service delivery.
The company possesses warehouse capacity due to which it offers its customers a number of storage solutions, equipped with modern technological achievements. It stands to mention that the company frequently uses technological innovations to improve the quality of all their services and speed up their operations. Toll Global Express Service is a good confirmation of the fact that the company cares for the convenience of their customers.
Now the company operates an extensive network, due to which it provides its services throughout the world. It is backed by the strategic partnerships, providing its clients with global reach, and have such a great partner - the USPS track service.

A Full Spectrum of Services, including Toll Track Service

The company delivers integrated logistics solutions across any town or country. Its range of services is very extensive – regardless of the type of your consignment, small package or bulk cargo, at any time you can defer to the spectrum of their services.
The whole list of facilities is as follows:

· Parcel, Document and Courier Services. Dedicated delivery facilities comprise B2C and B2B parcel and document shipment solutions. Toll tracking service is your chance to control the delivery process.
· Warehousing Logistics. This is the main constituent of all supply chains.
· Resource and Remote Logistics. This category offers shipment services to even the most challenging localities in the globe.
· Freight Services. This category is backed by technology and well-developed infrastructure.
· Aviation, Fleet and Maritime Facilities. The company enters the international arena by offering such express services.
· Business Support.

Regardless of the type of services you select, Toll track system allows you to control the delivery process personally, being at home.

How Can I Trace My Order?

K2track is a system, where you can monitor the precise locality of your delivery items, using the Toll tracking number. Sending documents or packages, every client of this company receives a unique tracking number. Just type in it in the required field and wait until the system processes data. You can do it in the online mode. Besides, this service contains the company’s contact numbers and the address of the official website.

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