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TNT official customer service

TNT phone no: 1-800-558-5555
TNT website www.tnt.com
TNT online mailing form

Typical TNT tracking number:

9-numeric like 123456789

TNT Express: Your Diligent Business Partner

The company has a great success story. It was founded more than 60 years ago in Australia. TNT is an abbreviation, which is used instead of three words –Thomas Nationwide Transport. Ken Thomas began his business with only one truck, but with the course of time, TNT became one of the global leaders in the transportation sphere. The company even has its own aircraft fleet and a unique European road network.
Since the 2014 TNT launched a new strategy of development, which is called Outlook. Its main goal is to improve the company’s performance to meet the expectations of its stakeholders (customers, shareholders and employees). The company takes care not only about the fast and safe delivery of your cargo, but about the online control of your order.
TNT provides clients with a wide variety of services.
They are as follows:

· Time and date definite services;
· Time critical services;
· Freight services;
· Insurance;
· Import.

However, it is necessary to admit that the set of company’s services differs from country to country.

The TNT Tracking System: Your Convenient Tracking Instrument

Understanding the necessity of constant control of the cargo, the company created a very easy to use and fast TNT express tracking service - it can compete with the track USPS option. It allows receiving detailed information regarding your order. Using TNT tracking service one can get data about the location, weight, approximate time of arrival and some other data about the cargo.
To check the status of the order one has to visit the official website of the company. On the official web page one can see a special TNT courier tracking field, to get the information, one has to enter a special tracking number. A client receives this number during the registration of the order in one of the company’s service centres.
The TNT shipment tracking service is a reliable, interactive system of cargo control. You can always be sure that the information you receive is completely accurate. As soon as the cargo is delivered to a transition point or to the destination point, it will be registered in the company’s global database. Of course, being one of the leaders in cargo delivery in the world, the company takes great care of the TNT tracking system. Each day the system processes thousands of requests from clients from all over the world. The system has a special support team, which controls and maintains its trouble-free work.

The TNT native tracking vs K2track universal tracking system

Using the original TNT courier tracking system users can get all necessary information about the order. However, sometimes it is better to use a universal system of delivery control. It is much more effective when a client uses services of different logistics companies. To get information about all packages, a sender will be obliged to open tracking systems of all delivery companies, but in this situation, the best way out is to use a universal tracking service. K2track is a good way out in similar situations. It contains data about all world postal and cargo delivery companies.

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