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Also, you can find out the parcel's whereabouts using USPS tracking service.

Thailand Post official customer service

Thailand Post phone no: 1545
Thailand Post website www.thailandpost.com
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Thailand Post Track System – Your Capability to Know Where Your Parcel Is

Being a happy resident of the sunny coast of Thailand, sooner or later you will face the necessity to employ Thailand Post services. On this website, you can find and enjoy the benefits of an indispensible tool for you – the Thai Post Tracking system. With this service all clients of this particular postal service provider know the fine location of their delivery items and the accurate time when to expect them. The Thailand Post track system is your opportunity to be aware of all shipment peculiarities.

About Thailand Post

For more than 200 hundred years, Thailand Post is regarded as the leading and the most authoritative postal service across the country. First, the company’s spectrum of services was available only for the residents of the country. As the years go by, Thailand Post started working on the improvement of the service quality and later the company started delivering goods abroad. Besides, Thailand Post joined the Universal Postal Union. Since that moment, the company tried to do everything to make the mail delivery faster. Nowadays, all clients of this organization can monitor the shipment process with the Thai Post track system – a service, allowing customers to find out all peculiarities of shipment.
In current times, the company’s vision is to be and to stay the leading provider of logistics and postal services in ASEAN. To achieve this goal, the company makes everything in order to make the country the hub of ASEAN postal logistics.

The Spectrum of Services

Even the most exacting customers will be pleased with the amount of facilities offered by Thailand Post. If you wish to defer to the facilities of this particular company, you will be offered the following categories:

· Logistics Services;
· Retail;
· Stamp and Collectables Magazines;
· Financial Service (money transfer, cash on delivery, electronic money order, ticket reservation, etc.)

If you defer to the logistics services, you will be offered to enjoy the advantages of the Thailand Shipping Tracking system. This service allows you to trace all your packages or mails, using the Thailand Tracking Numbers. This code is given to every customer of this company.

How One Can Check the Location of the Order Online?

The Thailand Post tracking service is a great addition of this provider to its common range of services. Every customer can find out the location of their delivery items within several minutes. To do this, only tracking number and access to the Internet is required. Just type in your tracking code above and wait until the system generates a report and offers you the information about the location of your package.
Besides, you can defer to the services of k2track – an international tracking system. It contains an extensive database and allows you to trace packages sent via various logistics companies.
Nowadays, Thailand package tracking is very popular and millions of people every day enjoy the advantages of this service.

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