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Swiss post official customer service

Swiss post contact no. +41 (0) 848 888 888
Swiss post website www.post.ch
Swiss post online mailing form

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Swiss Post: The Time Proven Quality Services

Swiss Post is an international provider of postal services. The company was established as a provider of mail and parcel delivery facilities. The reduction of demand for mail delivery made the company change its core activities and widen the number of offered services.

At the present day, Swiss Post offers such services as:
· Mail delivery;
· Parcel delivery;
· Financial services;
· Online shopping;
· Insurance Solutions.

The company provides its clients with the transportation services via the national delivery network, several big exchange offices, a great number of service centers and a unique Swiss Post track system. The mail tracking service is an excellent way of checking information about orders.

The company is known for its top class personnel and high-grade services. The staff is always ready to help, even if the postal item has a non-standard shape. That is the key factor due to which the company gained ultimate respect and unblameable reputation among the clients.

One more the very important point is that this transportation company has a very low level of damaged postal items. The staff cares for each sending. So, clients can be completely sure that their orders will be delivered safely and on time.

The Swiss Post Tracking System: Excellence in Everything

The Swiss Post track is a simple and fast way of getting information about every order. The procedure of checking data about the sending is very easy. A client should open the official website of the delivery service provider and enter a unique Swiss Post tracking number into a special field. Clients receive tracking numbers at the moment of the registration of their delivery items. The Swiss mail tracking system processes data in several seconds. The online obtained information includes data regarding cost, weight, estimated time of delivery and actual geo-location of the sending. The Swiss Post tracking service is available without interruption. Its work is constantly monitored by a team of high-class technical experts; any technical issue is fixed on the spot.

How to Track Several Orders Simultaneously?

Many senders use services not of one, but of several transportation companies at once. To get information about their orders, users need to open several tracking systems. Definitely, that is not convenient.

There is a simple and easy solution for this issue. K2track is a fast and multi-functional tracking service, which allows obtaining information about sendings that were made via the services of various international delivery companies of the world.

The only thing one needs to do to get the information about the sending is to open the k2track system and enter the tracking number, which was given to the client during the order registration.

It is a real timesaver. Besides, this service contains the data, which is similar to the information, offered by the native track systems. The service is very stable and contains only updated information. So, if one needs a universal and fast tracking solution, one should choose the service, which is tested.

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