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South African Post Office official customer service

South African Post Office contact no: 27 12 649 7000
South African Post Office website www.postoffice.co.za

Typical South African Post Office tracking number:


SA Post track service and the Portfolio of this company

It’s hard to imagine present days without a post. Also, it happened to the citizens of South African countries. All of them even once have a necessity to use any postal services such as money transferring, sending or receiving mails, etc. And only the one carrier can satisfy this requirement there - the South African post. This carrier is the national postal company, operating in the South Africa region. On this website, you can use an SA Post tracking service to see the location of every parcel. Our South African Post tracking is always working, so you can keep on your item any time you want.

About SA Post

It stands to mention that the first notes about this company appeared more than 500 years ago. It was a pioneer of postal services on Africa’s territory. In 1501, sailors used to put their reporting letters under the postal stones. The first person who guessed to do this action was the captain Pedro D’Ataide. He needed to inform his country that three ships in his fleet sank during the storm. A chosen harbor was popular among the Portuguese sailors. Their ships were regularly stopped there to stock up with food for a journey. After a while, sailors from other countries found his letter and reported Portugal about the wreck.
However, the first office was opened by the governor of the Cape almost 300 hundred years later. It was the first office of SA post. The mail wagon ran every week. In 1919 the company could boast with a motor car and air-mail service.
Surely, in that times there was no sense to talk about South African Post tracking service. The delivery time was long, and sometimes the customers waited for their letters for several weeks.Each delivered mail was a surprise for its receiver. Luckily, the age of modern technologies offers you an excellent capability to use the SA post tracking service and see all the whereabouts of your mail or package. Thanks to the parcel tracking ability every customer of the carrier’s company can easily find out the exact delivery time for his valuable cargo.

The Spectrum of Services

All the company service’s range can be subdivided into the next categories:

· Domestic;
· International;
· Virtual Post Office;
· Postbank.

All of the services mentioned above has request a high level in South Africa. Domestic services operate countrywide. The company deals with all types of correspondence like bulk mail, faxmail, email, informmail, fastmail, etc.
The spectrum of international services is also rather extensive. It encompasses letters, parcels, postal cards, registered mails, etc. The information about the delivery process is available for any client by dint of SA Post track service. It is so easy to check the location of a package.
Besides, the company also offers digital postal services. It allows business owners to communicate with their clients with a dint of a secure platform. Individual customers have access to work with their mails or payments without the necessity to change digital postal box.

SA Post Track or How to Monitor the Delivery Process

k2track is a portal, comprising the information about all the leading postal services and express companies. It lets you check the locality of a package or mail online, using the SA Post tracking number. The website works rapidly, and the service is available round the clock.

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