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Serpost official customer service

Serpost contact no: 511-5000
Serpost website www.serpost.com.pe

Typical Serpost tracking number:


All You Need to Know About the Serpost Tracking System

If you are one of the customers of this particular postal service provider, we offer you a capability to control the transit process personally by dint of this service. The tracking procedure is fast and hassle-free.

Having sent a package or cargo via the services of Serpost, you have the Serpost International tracking number. A tracking number is a unique code, consisting of 15 figures (alphanumeric digits), starting of several alphabets. It is unique to every package. This tracking code enables you to learn about the date of arrival, the state of a package, delivery options, and recipient details. In case the package cannot be delivered because of some reasons, the customer can check this information online in a slip second. Enter it in the search box you see at the top of this web page and wait until the information is processed by the website. Then you will be given the report, containing details about the transit process of your delivery item.

All consumers of the Serpost services can track their packages, using the option of track and trace, presented on the official website. However, it is not always convenient. In case you are the one, which is made to defer to the services of various logistics companies, such service as k2track should be your must have tool. This is an international tracking system, ready to provide you with the tracking reports at any time of the day. Besides, the service guarantees you round-the-clock support without any glitches. You can also find the Serpost track system here. In fact, this tool is very convenient and deprives you of the necessity to visit several websites to track several packages. You can easily do it, using only one service.

What You Need to Know about Serpost as a Customer

Serpost is a postal service provider in Peru. It has an excellent reputation as a reliable provider of logistics services. The company realizes one simple truth – their employees are the main guarantees of service quality. They constantly motivate them, using various bonus programs. The Serpost mission is to provide the citizens of this country with facilities that meet the customer’s expectations.

Furthermore, Serpost traces the new technological achievements and constantly searches for innovative products. One of such products is the Serpost tracking system. Due to the implementation of this service, they became closer to their customers. The package or mail tracking service keeps customers aware of the order status.

Serpost offers a plethora of delivery options, comprising:
· Mail Delivery (within the country and abroad).
· Secure Delivery of Documents. The Serpost track system enables customers to control the transit procedure personally.
· Delivery of Packages. The precise information about the conditions and pricing policy is presented on the official website.
The Serpost offices are located in every part of the country, contributing the on-time delivery.

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