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Saudi Post official customer service

Saudi Post contact no: 92 000 5700
Saudi Post website www.sp.com.sa

Typical Saudi Post tracking number:


Saudi Post Tracking Service and the main Info about the Company

Saudi postal service is a government-controlled service, which works under the brand name Saudi Post. The company is presented in all villages and cities of the country. Its network consists of approximately 478 main offices and 180 affiliated branch offices. This postal service provider was founded in 1926. Since that time, the company had changed greatly, and now it can offer a wide range of various postal services. Surely, as all modern companies, Saudi Post has its official website. On the website, you can always look through the necessary information and check the status of your order online by dint of the Saudi post tracking system.

Main Services of Saudi Post

The list of options you can get using Saudi Post is rather large. Here are the main of them:

• Regular mail (using this option one can send letters all over the country);
• Postal packages (due to this service people can send and receive parcels all over the Saudi package system);
• Registered mail (the service gives an opportunity to send greeting cards, documents, invoices, etc. and trace them by dint of the EMS Saudi tracking system),
• Express mail (this option helps send mails quickly and safely across the Kingdom and all over the globe. Surely, it is possible to track your mail, using the Saudi express mail tracking service);
• Official mail (the service was created to deliver official documents of companies and governmental organizations);
• Postal boxes (special green boxes installed in the offices of the company, which allow receiving your mail not on your address, but at the company’s office).

International Services of the Company

As all big postal service companies, Saudi Post offers its client international shipment services. One can easily make an order and send a mail or package to any country of the world. Of course, it is possible to receive it in one of the official post offices throughout the kingdom as well. Clients shouldn’t worry about the safety of the order and can track it at any moment through the use of Saudi post tracking system.

Technical Support and Social Networks

The personnel of the company is very friendly and client-oriented. One can always get support, calling the official hotline of the company. The number you can find on the official web page. In case you like the service of Saudi Post and want to follow its official pages on various social networks, you can find the links on the company’s webpage.

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