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Safexpress official customer service

Safexpress phone no: 1 800 113 113
Safexpress website www.safexpress.com
Safexpress online mailing form

Safexpress typical tracking number:

8-numeric, like 12345678

Safexpress Courier – the Best Logistics Company in India

If you are a customer of Safexpress courier, this website will let you use the services of Safexpress track system. Here, you can find out the precise locality of your packages that are now in the process of shipment. The service is absolutely free and is available for everyone interested round-the-clock.

About Safexpress Courier

This company started working in 1997. Now it can boast with a decent experience of work in the area of logistics services. Its mission is to deliver logistics excellence to its clients and prove that their services are the most qualitative. Nowadays, Safexpress Courier achieved its goals. The company is regarded as the leading one in the logistics market.
Besides, it remains up-to-date with evolving technology. Recently, the Safexpress tracking service has been implemented. It lets you trace your shipments, using your Safexpress tracking number in the comfort of your house. There is no need to go somewhere and spend your precious time to know this information. This service is very convenient and deprives customers from lots of extra questions and problems.

The Range of Services

The company offers a number of cutting-edge logistics solutions to all its clients. Besides, the customers can trace their professionalism in every service they offer.
Safexpress offers an innovative spectrum of services. Therefore, if you make a decision to become one of their consumers, you can defer to the following facilities:

· Express Distribution;
· Supply Chain Consulting;
· Reverse Logistics;
· Services for Individuals;
· Services for Enterprises.

Regardless of the type of services you use, in any case you will have an opportunity to trace your parcel using the Safexpress Courier tracking service. Besides, the company guarantees only on time delivery. It means that you can be sure that your baggage or parcel will surely be delivered on time and in good state.

How to Check My Order? Nowadays, all consumers of their services can easily trace their delivery items. The Safexpress track service is available for every customer on this website. To trace your package, the tracking number is required. Enter it in the field above and the system will generate a report for you in a matter of seconds.
Besides, k2track – an international tracking service, is also at your disposal. Now, due to the existence of such services, the status of customer’s orders is available in the online mode. To know it, you need only access to the Internet.

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