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Royal Mail official customer service

Royal Mail contact no: 03457 740 740
Royal Mail website www.royalmail.com

Typical Royal Mail tracking number:


The General Info about the Royal Mail Facilities

Royal Mail is the leading postal service provider in the United Kingdom. The company provides support to people, business and communities all over the country. It is the only company, which offers its clients a single price for all orders not depending upon the location of delivery. One can use the service of the company 6 days a week and send a mail to approximately 29 million addresses around the country. For the convenience of the customers, all information about services, time of work, location of the postal offices and royal mail tracking system can be found at the official website of the company.
The list of company’s services include:

· First class mail;
· Second class mail;
· Sending parcels;
· Sameday service;
· Special Delivery Guaranteed.

New Era of Postal Services

At the present day, the volume of letters greatly declined because of the global digitalization, however, e-retailing made its huge impact on the increase of package sending. Definitely, every sender wants to know about the location of the sent package and approximate time of its delivery. For this reason, it is possible to use the Royal mail package tracking. All information can be easily checked online. The Royal mail tracking service is a unique database, which contains information about all mails and packages sent around the UK as well as international parcels and mails. Of course, in order to be updated about international packages, customer can easily use the Royal international mail track feature.

International Packages and Royal Mail Shipment Tracking System

Royal Mail has a special branch, which is focused on package delivery. The branch has more than 4 thousand employees and has 52 depots all over the Kingdom. For the management of international traffic the company has a special hub in Coventry. The company has a special attitude to every client understanding the importance of its main mission – help people to be connected. Royal international mail track feature is probably the most favorite service among clients of the company. Daily, thousands of people check the location of their packages. It is very interesting and sometimes very important to know about the precise location and the time of delivery of the package. Royal mail tracking service works perfectly - just kike an USPS track system. The company understands its importance for clients from all over the world. In case, of any technical issues, the personnel of the company takes all necessary measures to solve them shortly. Royal international mail track menu can be easily found on the central page of the company’s website. To track a mail or a package one needs to enter a special reference number. All customers, who send international mails or packages, receive special receipts, where the system automatically states the tracking number. Definitely, if customers have any questions, regarding Royal international mail track feature, they can contact technical support team, which is always ready to help. The support team deals with a great number of different questions, but users receive their query responses very quickly.

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