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Be notified that you should use only Qatar post parcel's number - for example, FedEx track number won't show you any whereabouts!

Qatar post official customer service

Qatar post contact no. 104; (+974) 44464000 or 44464277
Qatar post website www.qpost.com.qa
Qatar post online mailing form

Typical Qatar post tracking number:


Qatar Post: 66 Years of Top Class Services

Qatar Post was established in 1950. Initially, the personnel of the company counted only six employees. However, it was just the beginning of the company’s success story. The headquarter of the company is situated in Doha. Besides, the postal service provider operates 40 branches across the country, modern sorting hub and extremely powerful Qatar Post track system. The mail tracking service was created to give clients an opportunity to check the information about the sent orders in online mode.

The company delivers mails and parcels to almost 200 countries of the universe. All international sendings can also be tracked by dint of the Qatar Post tracking system.

The company has a reputation of a reputable and responsible partner. It is hard to find more dedicated personnel than the Qatar Post has.

The level of damaged postal items is minimal. It means that there is no need to be distressed about the postal items; the company guarantees their damage free delivery to the destination point.

The Qatar Post Parcel Tracking Service: A Quick Monitoring Solution for Clients’ Convenience

All people want to be sure that mail or parcel they sent is on its way to the destination point. The easiest way to check the information about the order is to visit the company’s website and enter a tracking number into a special field. The tracking number is a special code, which consists of a certain number of digits and is given to a client during the acceptance of the order at one of the company’s service centers.

Incredible Services for the Best Clients

The company offers its clients a set of great and necessary services.

Here are some of them.
· Letter Posting;
· Parcel Posting;
· Mailroom solution;
· Q-Post Premium QPP;
· Money transfer;
· M Bags.

When a client has a non-standard postal item, the company is ready to find a unique solution and deliver the order to even the most remote destination point.

Differences between the Universal Tracking Systems and Tracking Systems of the Postal Service Providers

The universal tracking system allows checking data about many delivery companies of the world, the track services of logistics companies is used to check the data about sendings made via certain companies only.

K2track is one of such universal systems. It is easy to use and allows checking information in online mode. The system contains data about the most important parameters of the order. Clients can check information about weight, cost, estimated time of delivery and location of the order.

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