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PostNord official customer service

PostNord phone no:
0771-33 33 10
+46 771 33 33 10 - from abroad
PostNord website www.postnord.se
PostNord online mailing form

PostNord typical tracking number:


The PostNord Track Service or How to Control the Shipment Process

Looking for the way to determine the current status of your order? Welcome to the PostNord Tracking service, which allows you to know this information in a split second. To do this, just type in the field above your Postnord tracking number and prepare for viewing the result in a couple of minutes. The service is fast, reliable and convenient.

About PostNord Courier

This company specializes in providing logistics and communications solutions within the Nordic region. Besides, they offer the service of mail delivery to business and private individuals in Denmark and Sweden.
Annually, PostNord delivers approximately 5 billion letters and 100 million parcels to the Nordic regions.
This is a very experienced company, which can boast with the unique distribution network. Besides, the company constantly works on the project, devoted to the development of tomorrow’s eCommerce, logistics, distribution, communication.
Due to the merger of Posten AB and Post Denmark A/S, this company was established in 2009. It is owned by the Danish and Swedish states.
The company’s mission is to connect businesses and people efficiently. The company delivers a plethora of logistics solutions. The quality of their facilties is top-level. This is a reliable business partner to millions of business owners.
Furthermore, the company stays in step with the times and always tries to provide the customers with the most qualitative and up-to-date services. The PostNord package tracking service is an ideal confirmation of this fact. If the company offers a capability to track delivery items, it means that it cares for the convenience of its clients. You can track the locality of your packages or mails by dint of your PostNord Tracking code.

The Services Overview

You will be impressed with the amount of services offered by PostNord. They can be subdivided into the following categories:

· eCommerce.
· Logistics. Warehousing, logistics solutions incoming deliveries and lots of other logistics needs, In any case, the PostNord Tracking service is at your disposal.
· Consulting.
· Market Communication.
· Service Logistics.
· Mail handling.

Visiting the official website of the company, you will find out the detailed information about every service and the pricing policy. Besides, the company guarantees that every customer will be pleased with the choice and quality of their services.

How to Check the Order Status?

The PostNord Track service is presented on the official website, but it is not always convenient. Furthermore, if you are the one, who frequently sends or receives letters or packages from various companies, to find the official websites of different companies is time-consuming. K2track – an international tracking system is a good way out. This service is absolutely free and enables you to trace the locality of parcels hassle-free. Just enter your tracking number and wait until the system generates the online report for you.

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