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Poczta Polska official customer service

Poczta Polska phone no:
801 333 444 (landline phones, local call charge)
(+48) 43 842 06 00 (mobile phones and abroad, operator charge)
Poczta Polska website www.poczta-polska.pl

Poczta Polska typical tracking number:


The Main Facts about Poczta Polska and Overview of Their Services

Poczta Polska tracking service enables you to monitor the current status of your orders. You can make use of this service for free on this website. The system will provide you with the fine location of your mail or parcel, sent by Poczta Polska.

About Poczta Polska

This is one of the oldest post offices in Europe, because it was established more than 400 years ago. In our times, it is regarded as the biggest postal service provider on its local market. It covers lots of destinations because its postal offices are located in even the smallest inhabited localities of the country. The company’s network consists of more than 7000 offices, agencies and subsidiaries.
Except for an extensive network, the company is deemed to be the biggest employer in Poland. They invest in CSR segment and work on the enhancement of their range of services. Nowadays, they are focused on such issues as improvement in the area of insurance or financial offer, parcel delivery and logistics. These areas are the most prospective for the company.
Besides, Poczta Polska constantly updates its services because in the near future its main target is to be and to stay the leading provider of logistics and postal services in this European country. The Poczta Polska track system is an ideal confirmation of this fact.

The Services Overview

Documents, goods, correspondence, parcels – all these can be shipped by dint of the services of this postal service provider. Their international courier mail is able to deliver goods to more than 200 countries. Furthermore, the company guarantees that the client’s delivery item will be shipped in good keep and within the guaranteed time. Those, who used to control everything by themselves can defer to the services of the EMS Poczta Polska tracking system. This is a reliable service, which enables everyone interested to check the fine location of the order in a secure manner. Besides, this is very convenient because you can do this, being anywhere – mobile device and the Internet connection are the only tools necessary to do this.
If you plan to defer to a plethora of their services, you will be offered the following ones:

· Parcels and Letters. Any type of a package or letter can be sent via this postal service provider. Every customer gets the Poczta Polska tracking to control the current order status.
· Finances. This category comprises International Express Transfer, Money Order and RIA International Money transfer.
· E-Services. The Capability to make use of the Poczta Polska tracking service is offered.
· eCommerce.

As you see the range of services is really extensive. Now, several words about the capability to track a package – the Poczta Polska track service is available on this website or you can defer to the services of k2track – a global tracking system, allowing you to check the order status in a convenient manner. You can know this information online in a split second. Only Poczta Polska tracking number is required.

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