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PIL official customer service

PIL phone no: 6221 8133
PIL website www.pilship.com

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PIL Shipping Company: Our Promise, Your Satisfaction

PIL Shipping is a privately owned transportation company, located in Singapore. The company provides a wide array of services. The most prominent of them are shipping, production of containers and different services related to transportation.

The history of the company began in 1967. Initially, the company was a local ship operator. Nowadays, the PIL Shipping is one of the biggest ship operators in the Southeast region and is included in the list of top twenty shipping companies of the world. PIL offers its services in more than 100 hundred countries of the world employing 18 000 people.

Every day the logistics company transports thousands of delivery items, doing its best to deliver the cargo safely and on time.

The company has its ship fleet, containers, and the PIL container tracking system. The PIL tracking is an excellent online service, which allows checking data about every order.

How to Track International Orders with the Help of a Tracking Number?

The PIL tracking service is an online system, which contains detailed information about every container of the company.

To obtain the desired information one needs to open the company’s website and enter the PIL container tracking number. The tracking number is given to a client during the registration of the cargo at one of the acceptance points of the company.

With the help of a tracking system, clients can get the information about such important parameters of the cargo as weight, cost, estimated time of arrival, current geo-location, etc.

The received data are always correct (the system is updated every 3 minutes).Due to the round the clock support, the system works without glitches. Engineers maintain stable and trouble free operation of the tracking service.

The system is a very convenient tool, which optimizes the lifestyle of private clients and helps build a long lasting and reliable business.

Global Services of the Company

· Feeder container services;
· Liner container services;
· Marianna express lines;
· Advanced container lines;
· PIL-multi-purpose service;
· 3rd party transportation services.

All of the above-mentioned services are always fulfilled on the highest possible level of quality, and if any misunderstandings happen, the service provider takes the side of the client.

Ordinary Mail Tracking Systems vs. Universal Tracking Services

Everyone wants to get the data quickly and without any delays. With the help of the essential tracking services, clients can get data only regarding the company owner of the system. So, if one uses services of different delivery companies, they will need to open several web pages at once. It is very time consuming.

To avoid this situation, one can use a universal system like K2track service. The service is a universal database, which contains data about many logistics companies of the world. It means that a client will not have to open several tracking services simultaneously. One universal tracking service will replace all of them.

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