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Philpost official customer service

Philpost contact no:
0923 442 7017,
0922 749 8304,
0977 137 6916
Philpost website www.phlpost.gov.ph

Philpost tracking supports the following number formats:


The Philpost Mail Tracking System or How to Check the Delivery Status

Our Philpost tracking service allows you to explore the current order status in seconds flat. To see this information, you should enter the Philpost tracking number in the field you see at the top of the web page and wait until the service generates a report. You will see the exact location of your packages sent via this company.

PhilPost cares for the convenience of its customers and tries to do everything in order to deprive clients of the necessity to be distressed about the order status. The PhilPost track system was implemented not so long ago, but this service has already managed to become popular among its consumers.

Besides, if you are a business owner who searches for a cross-functional tracking system, you can defer to the services of k2track – an international tracking system. The database of this service encompasses information about all global logistics companies. For that reason, it is much more convenient to use one tracking system. One cross-functional tracking service deprives you of the necessity to spend time, searching for the official websites of various logistics companies. The Philpost tracking system is also included in its database.

About PHLPost

This is the postal service provider in the Philippine. Besides, this company can boast with the most magnificent working experience – more than 250 years. The first post office was founded in 1767 in Manila. As far as this company is the main and the leading postal service provider throughout the Philippine islands, the quality of services is excellent.

In 2011, the company achieved a financial turnaround and underwent rebranding. The company was renamed from PhilPost to PHLPost. Nowadays, their main tagline is “You Send, We Deliver”. PHLPost managed to strengthen government relations by its range of services. Besides, the company ventured into warehousing and logistics business, expanded the postal network, implemented electronic postal money order and attained the international recognition, winning the World Mail Awards in 2014.

In 2015, the post service implemented the Philpost tracking system for real time tracking.

The Services of PHLPost

All services, provided by this company can be subdivided in the following way:

· Mail Services. The company delivers letters and packages within the country and abroad. Referring to these services, you will be offered Express Post, Letter Post, Parcel Post, Fax Mail Service, Business Reply Cards, Direct Mail, General Delivery Service, etc.
· Logistics and Warehousing. This service caters to the customers’ needs for distribution of various materials.
· Postal Payment Services.
· Retail Services. This category will be interesting for those who like philately and collect Philatelic stamps and other products like stamp albums or presentations.
· Postal ID.

Besides, in most instances, customers of PHLPost are satisfied with the quality of postal services. Substantially all online testimonials, left by real customers are positive.

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