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Overnite Express official customer service

Overnite Express phone no: +91-11-23510131
Overnite Express website www.overnitenet.com
Overnite Express online mailing form

Overnite Express post tracking number:

in major cases contains 10 numbers in it like 1234567890

Overnite Express: Fast Delivery of the Future

The international logistics company was founded 29 years ago, in 1987. It was mainly located in the Indian metropolises. Initially, Overnite Courier was a local delivery service, which provided different postal and logistics services. With the course of time, the company began its international expansion. Nowadays Overnite Courier is one of the biggest world logistics corporations. It has more than 2800 offices around the world, 20 regional offices, 58 area offices and almost 40 mini hubs that work round the clock and all the year round.
The company’s philosophy is very simple and clear – to serve clients, delivering their orders quickly and damage free. All staff members understand that every happy client worth thousands of clients. That is the main reason why the personnel have no disputes with clients. In case of any misunderstandings the delivery service always takes the client’s side.
Of course the company knows that every client wants to be aware of the location of the sending. For this reason the company created the Overnite express track system.

The Overnight Express Tracking Service

This is an easy to use service, which helps clients check detailed information about the order. The report of the Overnite tracking contains data regarding the location, approximate time of arrival, weight of the order and cost which should be paid during the reception of the parcel or cargo. One can get the data online. To receive all necessary information about the order one can visit the company’s website, which contains a special Overnite tracking system. To make a request, one needs to know a tracking number, which clients receive from the company’s representative during the registration of the order.
Naturally, the IT specialists of this service know its importance for the senders and do their best to support the system trouble-free round the clock. Due to the daily control the Overnite express shipment tracking service works without any glitches.

Universal Methods of Shipment Tracking

A great number of business clients daily send hundreds of parcels and packages. Of course, every big company has a tracking service, so a user can control the order using the web pages of various logistics companies. Definitely, it is much easier to use one, universal tracking service. The universal service contains the same information. Among the similar all purpose services we can find a better one, its name is the K2track universal service. The system contains information about all world postal, cargo and delivery companies. Users can be sure that the information is true to fact. It is not a surprise, so far as the employees are keeping the tracking service under full control.

Local and International Services of the Company

Being an international delivery service provider, the company offers its clients a wide range of logistics services.
They are as follows:

· Pick-up request;
· Collection of the freight;
· Coverage of the risks;
· Draft on delivery.
Overnite Express is your reliable, time-proved logistics partner.

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