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OOCL official customer service

OOCL contact no: (1) 212 428 2200
OOCL website www.oocl.com
OOCL online mailing form

Typical OOCL tracking number:

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OOCL Tracking System or How to Monitor your Consignment

Searching for a reliable OOCL tracking service, you came to the right place. k2track is a good service, allowing you to see each stage of your cargo delivery. Here, OOCL tracking service is available 24/7, including USPS tracking option.

About OOCL

OOCL or Oriented Overseas Container Line is a leading logistics service company, based in Hong Kong. This is a huge container shipping company, operating not only countrywide but abroad as well. Nowadays, it is regarded as the hugest integrated container transportation company in the world. Its network of offices is rather extensive – more than 320 offices in more than 70 countries.
Mainly, the company delivers cargo by sea. Its fleet encompasses more than 300 ships. Each vessel has large-capacity. Besides, its fleet comprises ice-class vessels, produced for extreme weather conditions.
OOCL delivers cargoes to Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean, North America, the Middle East and Australia. Its transportation services are available for major trading economies of the world. OOCL cargo tracking service lets clients check the locality of their orders.
In the industry of logistics, this particular company is well respected and has an excellent reputation. It provides customer-focused solutions, continual innovation and professional approach to what they do.
In China, OOCL is deemed to be the foremost international carrier, offering citizens of this country to employ with a full spectrum of their logistics services. In order to control the cargo process, the company uses modern achievements of modern technologies and e-commerce. OOCL shipment tracking service is used to allow clients to control their delivery items.

The Spectrum of Services, Including OOCL Tracking Service

This company specializes in the delivery of cargoes. Its service routes cover a number of destinations. The company proposes a vast fleet of containers. Regardless of the kind of your cargo, it will be shipped in a proper condition. The choice of containers is also extensive. The customer’s cargoes are delivered in containers:

• for general purposes,
• garmentainers;
• flatracks;
• super rack;
• high cube.

As you see, the company is ready to meet any type of cargo. Besides, if you are greatly concerned over the delivery process, OOCL online tracking service is at your disposal.

The container fleet is continually updated and meet the quality standards.

Its Reefer service guarantees you that your cargo is delivered under a proper temperature control during the shipment.

How to check your cargo?

On this website, you can see where your consignment is at the moment. Just enter in the field above the unique tracking number and deprive yourself from worries, concerning the delivery process. The company offers such a type of facilities because it cares for its customers. As far as this is the leading container transportation company, it offers innovative technologies only. k2track is ready to provide you with this valuable information on a regular basis.

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