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Om Logistics official customer service

Om Logistics phone no:
Om Logistics website www.omlogistics.co.in

Om Logistics typical tracking number:

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OM Logistics As the Leading Logistics Company in India

If you don’t know, how to determine the fine location of your shipment sent via Om Logistics, we will explain you all peculiarities of tracking delivery items. Our service offers you an exceptional opportunity to track your shipment within a matter of seconds. You can find the Om Logistics Track Service on this website. So, just enter your tracking number and you will see a result in one minute.

About Om Logistics: Its Way to Success

First, it stands to mention that this company always tries to make its scope of services the best of a kind. The company was founded in 1980s and with the passage of time it managed to grow from an ordinary logistics provider to a prosperous business conglomerate. During its years, the amount of customers was growing day by day.
Initially it was a small company, offering logistics management services but later it became the best multi-model logistics company. Its plethora of services covers all components of supply chain management.
The company’s mission is to provide logistics solutions that meet customer’s needs. Besides, its main goal is to bridge the gap between the requirements of India and international standards. Working in the sphere of logistics, Om Logistics always works on the improvement of the quality of services by implementing innovative technologies. The OM Logistics Tracking service is a good confirmation of this fact. Now, all customers of this company also can easily check their packages. Access to the Internet, mobile device and the OM Logistics tracking number are required.

All Services of OM Logistics Courier

This India based company can boast with a plethora of services. The company took into consideration the customer’s requirements and now it offers the following facilities:

· Air Cargo Services. Om Logistics is the pioneer in India’s cargo space and its freight services can meet the majority of time-in-transit needs.
· Train Cargo Services.
· Factory Relocation.
· Customs Clearance.
· Home or Office Relocation.
· Warehousing and Distribution.

Those clients, who express concern about the delivery process, can make use of the OM Logistics Track Service.
Besides, if you collaborate with several logistics companies, you can check your orders on k2track – an international tracking system. Its database comprises all major logistics companies. So, the tracking process is fast and reliable. This is an excellent opportunity to check the order status of all your packages online.

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