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New Zealand Post official customer service

New Zealand Post phone no: 0800 501 501
New Zealand Post website www.nzpost.co.nz

New Zealand Post tracking number:


New Zealand Post: Multiple Solutions for Millions of Clients

The company has a very long history of development. It was founded in the 19-th century. The modern company combines various businesses and provides its clients with the communication and business solutions and services.
The logistics network of the New Zealand Post covers the territory of the whole country. Every year the company delivers more than 700 million postal items to 1,94 million delivery points.
The delivery company offers not only mail services, but the package and bill payment services as well. The company’s billing system processes more than 19 million financial transactions per year.
Of course, the main focus of the company is concentrated on a client’s satisfaction. The personnel of the delivery company are well trained and always does everything possible to please every client. Even if the package is of non-standard size, the company will find a unique solution to deliver the cargo. This is really helpful. Except for the fast and convenient delivery, New Zealand Post provides its clients with the unique New Zealand postal tracking service. The NZ couriers tracking system allows receiving detailed and updated information about an order.

The New Zealand Post Track System

Mail tracking NZ is an incredible service, which was created especially for the clients. Due to the system, it is possible to obtain the detailed information about every order. The information can be checked online. To check it a client needs to visit a website of the company and enter a unique tracking number. With the help of international tracking NZ, clients can get information not only about domestic, but about international deliveries as well.
Using the company’s tracking service, it is possible to get the information not only about mails, but packages too. New Zealand packages can also be tracked with a pinpoint accuracy.
The system is constantly controlled and supported by a special support team. Every employee in New Zealand Post understands high importance of the uninterruptable work of a tracking system. Any glitch in the work of the system can cause a great confusion among the thousands of clients.
The service reflects all necessary data about the order. Clients can obtain the following information:

· Weight of the order;
· Location;
· Approximate time of arrival;
· Cost of the delivery;
· Information about a sender and a recipient.

K2track System vs Native Tracking Service

All clients like tracking their postal orders. Some people are waiting for urgent packages, some of them want to be sure that the order is not lost and will be delivered on time and some of the senders are tracking their orders just for fun.
It is convenient to use a native tracking system to track one order or even two or three. What if you need to track a scope of packages? Definitely, it is not convenient to open several tracking services. In this case, one can use a universal tracking service like K2track system.
This service contains all necessary data about delivery items, sent via various delivery services.

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