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Malta post official customer service

Malta post contact no. 800 7 22 44
Malta post website www.maltapost.com
Malta post online mailing form

Typical Malta post tracking number:


Malta Post: Unique Solutions for All Type of Customers

Malta Post is a universal service provider, which offers a great variety of postal services. It is a leading delivery company in Malta. The company handles both domestic and international sendings via its well-developed delivery network, several sortation hubs, a great number of official service centers and the Malta Post track system. The Malta Post track and trace service is a convenient and reliable technical solution for postal items monitoring.

The transportation company constantly tries to provide its clients with new delivery solutions to cope with the challenges of our times.

The employees of Malta Post fully support global ideas and vision of the company; this approach helps offering clients the best delivery services.

Clients know that when they entrust their postal items to the company, they can be completely sure that it will be delivered on time. Besides, there is no need to worry about the safety of your postal item; the company has a very low rate of damaged items. Fast and safe delivery of every sending is the main priority of Malta Post.

Malta Post Tracking Service: Information About Every Order in a Few Clicks

The Malta Post track system is a convenient and very easy way of checking information about various types of orders online. The Malta Post tracking system opens a great variety of options for its clients. The mail tracking allows obtaining data about the weight, cost, approximate time of delivery, location of the order and some other very useful information. It is very easy to get necessary data with the help of the Malta mail tracking service. The only thing one needs to do is to open the company’s website and enter a tracking number into a special field. The tracking number is a voluntary combination of digits and letters that are given to a client during the registration of the postal item at the company’s service center.

Malta Post Delivery Services

The company offers a great number of different postal services that include:
· Local mail and parcel delivery;
· International postal delivery;
· Mail forwarding service;
· Courier deliveries;
· Registered mail;
· Redirection of mail.

The services mentioned above are only a short extract of all company’s unique options for clients.

K2track Tracking Service

Of course, all of us use services of various postal companies. In fact, it is very exciting to send and receive mails, parcels, and other postal items. When we send a postal item, we want to know about its location during the whole trip. The easiest way to do so is to use a natural tracking system, which contains information about every order made via the services of this or that company. However, what if you use the services of several transportation companies at once? It is not convenient to open several tracking systems. To solve the issue you can use just one, but a universal system like K2track. It contains data about many international delivery companies. Besides, the data is similar to the information, which can be received from an essential tracking service.

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