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Magyar Posta official customer service

Magyar Posta phone no: +36 1 421-7296
Magyar Posta website www.posta.hu

Magyar Posta typical tracking number:


Magyar Posta: Your Indispensable Delivery Service

Magyar Posta is one of the biggest companies in Hungary. It employs more than 30 thousand people all over the country. The company has a great infrastructure; it provides its services through 2700 postal offices and more than 300 hundred mobile offices. Every day more than 3000 thousand vehicles deliver various postal items using an incredible delivery network.
Of course, as all delivery service provides the company has a tracking service, which can help a client obtain necessary information about the order.
The Magyar Posta tracking system is a very convenient mean of postal item location. Every client can check necessary information online. To do so one needs to visit an official company’s website.
The Magyar Posta tracking system contains the following information about the order:

· Location;
· Weight;
· Estimated time of arrival;
· Price of delivery and other obligatory payments;
· Name of a recipient.

The system can track not only domestic, but international orders as well.
To get the information about the postal item a client should have a special tracking number. A client receives it during the registration procedure. The Magyar Posta Tracking number can contain various symbols depending upon a type of delivery order.

Universal Tracking Services

Very often clients send mails, packages and other types of cargo using different logistics companies. In order not to open lots of tracking systems, one can use just one K2track tracking system. It contains information about almost all logistics companies of the world. It is very convenient and definitely saves the precious time of the clients.

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