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LBC official customer service

LBC website www.lbcexpress.com

Typical LBC tracking number:

contains only numbers, in the main cases - 10 numeric ones (1234567890).
If this number doesn't suit - the USPS tracking is always available for the check.

LBC Tracking: Packages are Under Your Control

The possibility to track consignments is the prerogative of each logistics company or postal service provider. Each company caring for the convenience of its customers implements this feature. LBC Cargo is not an exception to the rules. The LBC track system is one of the most significant options of this company. Regardless of the type of delivery items, all customers of this enterprise can easily find out the approximate time of arrival of their cargo, package or letter. To do this, they need to find access to the official website of LBC Cargo. Besides, you can also do this with the help of this website.

This website enables you to determine where your consignment is at the moment. When you defer to the services of this company, the representative of LBC will give you the LBC tracking number. This code is your key to the tracking information. Just insert the tracking number in the search box and see the report after the system processes data. The LBC tracking system is an excellent tool for those individuals who wish to control the transit procedure personally.

Furthermore, if you are the customer of several logistics companies or you like online shopping and frequently pick up packages, you will surely appreciate the benefits of k2track – an international system for tracking consignments. This service is a must have tool, for every person who desires to control the transit procedure personally from a mobile device. Besides, here you can also find the LBC tracking system. This is an indispensible tool for everyone who wants to know the accurate time of package delivery.

About LBC Cargo

LBC or Luzon Brokerage Corporation was established 1950’s. First, it was a brokerage and air cargo company. Its main goal was to operate as the company, providing air cargo services. This company was a pioneer, which introduced round-the-clock air cargo delivery service. However, its spectrum of services was growing year by year. This enterprise managed to become a leader in the area of offering Money Remittance and Express Courier facilities on the territory of the Philippines.

The mission of LBS is to be the best company, offering a plethora of logistics solutions and stay the leading fulfillment solutions provider by 2020. These days, they do their best to achieve these goals. This company is perfectly equipped (technologically) in order to propose the best services to all types of customers (including business entities).

In these latter days, this company is the leading one in the market of logistics services in the Philippines. This company is well-known for its attitude to customers – individual approach is always offered. Implementation of the LBC tracking system is also a good achievement of the company.

What Services Are Offered?

All services are categorized in the following way:
· Payments and Remittance. This category encompasses Bills Express, Instant Peso Padala, Remit to Account and Door-to-Door Delivery.
· Parcels and Boxes. Regardless of the type of a product you wish to send, LBC knows what to offer you. The LBC track system simplifies the procedure of monitoring packages.
· A Plethora of Business Solutions (Delivery of any type of cargo to any destination). Besides, the services of warehousing and remittance are also offered.
· Documents and Mail. This category encompasses local and international delivery of letters or documents. Everyone interested has a fair possibility to defer to the mail tracking service. It allows clients, check the orders online and find out the precise delivery date.

Except for well-coordinated work of the LBC cargo tracking system, this particular company also allows customers to calculate the cost of the delivery of their consignments. Everyone interested can access the official website and calculate how much one should pay for the service. This service is rather convenient because it deprives all clients of the necessity to spend their precious time visiting the company’s offices personally.

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