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Lietuvos paštas official customer service

Lietuvos paštas contact no: +370 5 233 3060
Lietuvos paštas website www.post.lt

Lietuvos paštas tracking supports the following number formats:


The Lietuvos Pastas Track Service – the Best Way to See Where Your Parcel Is In the Online Mode

Don’t break your brains over the question how to trace your consignment anymore because you came to the right place. On this web page, you are offered an opportunity to use the service of the Lietuvos Pastas track system. You need to take only one step – enter in the field you see at the top of the web page the Lietuvos Pastas tracking number and wait for the result. The system runs rapidly and you will not be made to wait for several minutes. This tracking system is the fastest method to check the current order status for all customers of Lietuvos Pastas.
Furthermore, if you collaborate with several logistics companies or you frequently send or pick up packages, welcome to k2track. This is the international tracking system, which can provide you with the information about the location of your letter, package or consignment in a slip second. The Lietuvos Pastas tracking service is one of the constituents of this tracking system. This website is a reputable service, which is available for everyone interest at any time of the day. K2track deprives you of the necessity to visit the post office with the aim to find out the arrival time of your order. You can know this information in the comfort of your house with the help of this tracking system.

Several Facts about Lietuvos Pastas

This is a public limited company, which is regarded as the biggest postal service provider in the country. Nowadays, Lietuvos Pastas managed to earn the public trust and is deemed to be a reputable provider of postal services. Every month almost 800,000 customers defer to the services of this company.
Lietuvos Pastas has the biggest network of access points and is regarded as the leader in the area of providing logistics, financial or electronic services. Their vision is to be and to stay the best postal service provider, able to comply with the demands of their customers. To achieve this goal, the company works every day, improving the quality of their services and collaborating with professionals only. All members of the team work every day to achieve the common goal.

The Services Offered by Lietuvos Pastas

You can look through the in-depth and pricing policy of this company, visiting the official website. However, its scope of facilities can be subdivided in the following way:

· LP Express Couriers.
· Financial Services (PayPost, Money Orders, Fees) You can send money, meet the bills, get a consumer credit and use lots of other financial services.
· Postal Services (courier mail services, parcels, letter-post items).

In any case, every customer is offered to defer to the services of the Lietuvos Pastas tracking system. This is the best and fastest method to find out the fine location of letters or parcels sent via the services of this company.
Lietuvos Pastas guarantee on time delivery and offers only professional services in the area of logistics. In Lithuania, this company is the number one choice among the residents of the country.

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