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Latvijas Pasts official customer service

Latvijas Pasts contact no: +371 27008001, +371 67008001
Latvijas Pasts website www.pasts.lv

Typical Latvijas Pasts tracking number:


The Peculiarities of a Tracking System

The Lietuvos Pastas track service allows you to monitor the transition procedure of your consignment in online mode. Nowadays, almost each company, dealing with deliveries offers its customers a capability to control the delivery. This one is not an exception from the rule. The Lietuvos Pastas tracking service is your chance to hunt for all details of the transit procedure. You will find out the data about the time of arrival of your package. Besides, if the package is not shipped on time, due to this system, you will know the details of delay in a split second. There is no need to visit the post office personally. Modern mobile device and access to the Internet are the only tools you need.

If you are a customer of Lietuvos Pastas, you will be provided with the Lietuvos Pastas tracking number. Each letter or package is endowed with the unique tracking code. You should insert it in the search box you see at the top of the webpage. Our service will show you the check result in a split second.

Furthermore, if you are a steady customer of various postal service providers or logistics companies, you will find lots of benefits in the k2track system – a unique, cross-functional tracking system. The main positive aspect of this service is an extensive database. You need only one service to check the order status of a parcel sent via the services of the Lietuvos Pastas or other logistics companies. This website is a “must have” tool for those whose business relies on deliveries.

A Short Description of Lietuvos Pastas

This company is the leading provider of postal facilities in Latvia. The company’s mission is to provide the citizens of Lithuania with high-quality postal services. Their extensive network of post offices allows them to ship postal items to any place in the country. Besides, they operate on the international level as well.

Lietuvos Pastas offers traditional postal services in combination with the innovative ones. One of them is the Lietuvos Pastas Post tracking system, allowing all clients of this postal service provider to monitor the transit procedure personally.

Besides, the company offers lots of solutions to individuals and business owners.

The Services of the Postal Service Provider

As far as Lietuvos Pastas is the main company, offering a wide array of postal services in the country, the quality of services is at the summit level. Lietuvos Pastas has a sense of responsibility towards all consumers of their services, employees and the state. You, as a customer, will be offered the following facilities:
· Postage (Ordinary, Insured, and Registered Postal Items).
· Mailboxes.
· Financial Services (cash transfers and transactions, payments, etc.)
· Philately.
· Mail and Package Delivery. The mail tracking service enables you to control the delivery.

If you are greatly concerned about the prices, you can find this information on the official website or at the post office.

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