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Korea Post official customer service

Korea Post contact no: +82-44-200-8114
Korea Post website www.koreapost.go.kr

Typical Korea Post tracking number:


Korea Post: A Multifunctional Service Provider

The company is one of the leading delivery service providers in North Korea. The company’s credo is to provide clients with the best postal and delivery services through fast, convenient and cost-effective services. It provides its clients with two major types of services: postal and financial. The postal services include delivery of mails and parcels. Except for these services the company offers additional services like:

· Delivery of registered mails;
· Delivery of mails and packages from the clients’ locations;
· Sales of various products through mail order;
· Postal authorizing service;
· Handling postal money, savings, and insurance.

The company has a strictly structured organization form. It consists of 1 Division, four sub-divisions, 1 section and 12 departments. Besides, the company has several affiliated facilities. They are:

· Korea Post Information Center;
· Korea Post Officials Institute;
· Construction and Supply Korea Post;
· Regional Communication Offices.

The company also has a very effective system of regional depots and service centers. Of course, the postal company has the Korea Post tracking system.

The Korea Mail Tracking Service: An Easy and Effective Monitoring Feature

The mail tracking service allows obtaining information about orders that were made inside of the country as well as international sendings.

Using the Korea Post track, clients of the company can receive the necessary information about such parameters of the orders as weight, cost, estimated time of arrival, current location, and some other useful data. The Korea tracking system is highly responsive; it takes only a few seconds to receive the request result. To use the Korea Post track system, one needs to visit the company’s website and enter a special tracking number, which is given to a client during the registration of the order. The system allows checking online information day-and-night. The system is universal and contains information about the Korea package deliveries as well as mail sendings. If a client doesn’t remember the tracking number, they can always ask for help the company’s technical support team. The team is responsible for the trouble-free work of the system as well as for the communication with customers.

K2track Tracking System: a Reliable, Universal Monitoring Service

A lot of clients use the services of several delivery companies simultaneously. When they want to track all orders, they face some inconveniences. Each company has its tracking system, and that is why you need to open several tracking websites at once. It is very time consuming.

In this case, one can always rely upon the one-purpose system, which contains data about many postal and delivery companies of the world. Systems like k2track are also very fast and effective and allow checking information about several orders in one request. The information received from such systems is valid. Besides, the databases are updated every five minutes, so the information is always up-to-date.

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