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Israel Post official customer service

Israel Post contact no: 171
Israel Post website www.israelpost.co.il
Israel Post online mailing form

Israel Post tracking supports the following number formats:


How to Find out the Order Status?

Welcome to the Israel Post track system! You can enjoy the benefits of this service on this web page. To find out the current order status, you need to type in the Israel post tracking number in the field above and wait until the system generates a report for you. You will not wait for a long time because the service is fast. This is the best and the most reliable method to see the location of your letter or package at the moment.
Some people work hand in glove with several logistics companies and frequently either deliver or pick up packages. In this case, they can defer to the services of k2track – a global tracking system with an extensive database. This is an indispensable tool for every business owner, who collaborates with product delivery. You just need to enter the tracking number (it makes no matter what logistics company is responsible for the delivery) and the system will generate a report for you in a slip second. K2track also offers the services of Israel shipping tracking. So, be sure that with this system you will always be aware of the cargo location.

Israel Postal Service

In this country, the company is also called as Israel Post. This is a government-owned enterprise that provides the citizens of Israel with various postal services. Besides, Israel Post is one of the biggest employers in the country – its staff comprises more than 5,000 employees. Its network comprises more than 700 post offices throughout the country, 5000 mail boxes and 1000 mail trucks.
First notes about this company appeared in 1951 – it was the Ministry of Postal Services, comprising such facilities as delivery of parcels, letters, telegrams and the main provider of telephone services. This was the copy of British postal services.
Nowadays, this is the leading postal service provider in the country. There is one interested fact about this corporation. Because of the fact that the Western Wall is located on the territory of Israel, every year the company receives thousands of letters addressed to God.

The Range of Services

You, as a customer, will be offered the following spectrum of services:

· The Israel Post track service. You can check the order status online, using a computer or any mobile device.
· Postal Bank (currency exchange, western union, money transfer).
· Philatelic Services.
· Business Services (commercial distribution or door-to-door delivery services). Those who wish to control it personally can defer to the services of the Israel Post track system.
· International Mail (Express International Mail Service is also included). In this case all customers can control the delivery using the Israel mail tracking service.
· Domestic Mail (next day delivery service, mail forwarding to a new address, etc.)

As you see, the scope of services is great. Besides, the company guarantees on time and safe delivery of the Israel packages to anywhere in the world.

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