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Interlink Courier – a Reputable Delivery Service in the UK

If you break your brains over the question how to track your consignment, welcome to the Interlink Express Courier tracking service. This system allows you to see where your package or cargo is at the moment and know the exact time of delivery. The service is free of charge for every user. To find out this data, you should enquire about the tracking number and enter it in the field at the top of the webpage. The in-depth information with the current order status will be available in a slip second.

Interesting Facts About Interlink Courier

The company was launched in 1978. Initially, it was a motorcycle courier. After a while, the company changed its scope of activity and became an overnight packages courier. In 10 years, Mayne Nickless bought Interlink and it started operating as the owned subsidiary. In 2000, La Poste owned this company and since that time, the company is regarded as one of the biggest postal groups in Europe.
Every year, Interlink distributes more than 400 million shipments in Europe. Its fleet is also huge – more than 2500 vehicles. In the UK and Ireland there are more than 100 depots.
Interlink is the member of DPD network and every year the company delivers 300 million packages. The Interlink tracking system was implemented with the goal to allow customers to check the order status with the comfort of their home.

The Service Overview

Interlink offers a scope of delivery options, able to comply with the demands of the most exacting clients. Collaborating with this logistics company, you will be offered the following spectrum of facilities:

· UK Services. Delivery options within the country (documents, packages and freight).
· International facilities. Reputable and fast shipment services abroad. Though Interlinks delivers consignments quickly, the Interlink Express track service lets customers monitor the shipping handling.
· Special Services. The target of this type of facilities is to comply with demands of unusual or urgent deliveries.
· Logistics Solutions (integrated warehousing, distribution service, fulfillment).

Having analyzed customer testimonials, we can conclude that the Interlink Delivery Service is of high quality. Furthermore, people always prefer Interlink to other logistics companies, because they consider this service to be really reliable and fast.

How to Check the Order Status?

Don’t let the opportunity to track the order with the Interlink track system slip. You can find the Interlink track system on this website. The system doesn’t make you wait and offers you the immediate result.
Besides, you can find out the order status, using k2track – the global service for tracking consignments. This is an exceptional capability to check orders in the online mode. This service is a great tool for everyone, who frequently sends or picks up packages. This is a cross functional system allowing you to check delivery items, sent via different logistics companies.

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