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Hanjin Shipping – the Best Express Company, Offering International Deliveries

About Hanjin Shipping This is the biggest shipping company in Korea. In this country, plenty of business owners, whose type of business is relied on deliveries, choose this particular company. However, this company is also considered to be one of the world’s top ten container carriers. Every year the company transfers more than 100 million tones of cargo to anywhere in the world. A huge fleet, which comprises more than 150 bulk carriers and containerships, allows the company to deliver the customer’s consignments. Those, who used to control everything, including the delivery process, can use Hanjin Track system – the best service to trace the packages - it's as cool as FEDEX tracking one.
Hanjin Shipping was created in 1977 by Choong Hoon Cho. In a couple of years, the regular deliveries to the West Coast of the USA were created. More than 30 years of operation created a reliable and professional express company.
The company has four regional headquarters, located in the USA, Asia, Europe and South East and West Asia. Besides, the company has more than 5000 global staffs and container terminals, situated in the biggest ports of the universe. All these contribute the universal logistics network of the company around the world.
Speaking about the top priority value, on the official site everyone can see that this express company desires to provide perfect services every day. The company focuses on the quality of the services they provide. Besides, the team doesn’t forget about the environmental protection, creating only eco-friendly vessels and containers. In doing so, the shipping company desires to fulfil the corporate social responsibilities.
All customers should be satisfied with the quality of facilities, provided by this company. Customer’s needs are of prime importance. That’s why this shipping company also implemented the Hanjin Tracking system, which lets customers monitor the delivery process, using their tracking codes. Hanjin Track service is an exceptional tool, showing that this organization cares for its customers.

The Range of Services

The company proposes a broad choice of services, including Hanjin Container Track service, which provides customers of this particular company with the unlimited access to the information about the exact locality of their cargoes.
If you are going to employ with the services of Hanjin Shipping Company, you can select one of the below-listed:

• Container Service. Recently this service has significantly grown. Every year the company delivers more than 4 million TEUs of container cargo. Hinjan Cargo Tracking service shows customers the delivery process in the online mode.
• Bulk Service. Bulk carriers are responsible for the shipment of resources for raw materials and energy production. This company offers transportation services for many Korean and global steelmakers.
• Terminal Service. The company comprises 2 logistics centers and 13 container terminals, located in the biggest ports of the universe.
• Ship Repair Yard Service. This is a large ship repair yard built to repair large vessels.

How One Can Control the Order Status

Everyone who wish to use the Hanjin Express Tracking service, can find it on the official website of the organization. This company as well as many others, provides its clients with the detailed reports, containing updated information about the location of parcels. Hanjin Shipping track is an exceptional opportunity to monitor the delivery process online.
Besides, you can also find the Hanjin Cargo Tracking service on this webpage. Our website operates round-the-clock and is always ready to offer an opportunity to track your cargoes. To do this you have to fill in the field above with the Hanjin tracking number and wait until the report is ready. As a rule, it takes no more than a couple of minutes. With our service, you will always know that your delivery item is on the way to its destination.

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