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Fastway Couriers official customer service

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Typical Fastway tracking number:

12 digits, contains both numbers and letters

Fastway Couriers: Perfection in the Logistics Industry

Fastway Couriers is a fast delivery service provider, which operates in five countries of the world. These countries are New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Northern Ireland, and South Africa. The company has a unique attitude to delivery services, and it makes them completely different. The company’s structure is built on the system of franchises. Due to this factor, the Fastway services are very affordable, reliable and well-timed.

All these advantages wouldn’t be that great without an incredible Fastway track system. The Fastway delivery service allows obtaining detailed information regarding all types of sendings.

The services of the company are offered to various types of clients. Among them: private customers, small and medium size businesses and even big international e-tailers.

Fastway Track System: Your Convenient Monitoring Tool

Fastway tracking was created to help clients check data about the current location of the sent order. The system is very powerful and allows getting information about a client’s order in a few seconds. To get the data about the order, a client needs to open the company’s website and enter a unique tracking number to the mail tracking system.

A client receives the tracking number at the moment of the cargo registration. The information obtained online is precise and helps understand the approximate time of arrival, weight, current location of the cargo clearly.

When you make a tracking request, you can be completely sure that it is free from fraud. The service has a special support team, which controls its work and solves any technical issues in a moment.

Client-oriented Services of Fastway

The company specializes in the delivery of parcels of all types. The orders are delivered safely and on time through the company’s and partner’s delivery network. The system includes special regional sortation hubs.

The personnel tries to find an individual approach to every client. Even if you want to send a non-standard item, it is not a problem. The staff of the company will find a way out.

Fastway has a very helpful feature which is called – Parcel Connect. The service perfectly suits for people who do not want to take the parcel at one of the company’s service centers.

Using a unique option, a client can order shipment to one of its agents. It can be your favorite supermarket, which is located just near your house.

Universal Solutions for Tracking

We all like convenience and comfort and want to get the information about all our sendings from one tracking service. There is a great solution for this – K2track. The service contains data about a great number of different postal and logistics companies. Furthermore, it is always available round the clock.

It means that users from the whole world can get the information about their orders at any time they want.

It is an excellent solution for people who send and receive a great number of sendings daily.

So, if you do not want to open several tracking systems at once, you can make use of the universal K2track system.

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