Chinese online shops - the best way to save your money with shopping!

It’s a widespread belief that a lot of people are buying all the goods from China. And this is not surprising – cause the price in Chinese online shops are lower from 30 to 50 percent, comparing with regular stores.

Our website users can track their orders here – because USPS delivers parcels from the most famous Chinese shops. You can familiarize the most interesting of them below.

Top-7 Chinese online shops.  is one of the biggest and well-known shops. It’s entirely no any sense to talk a lot about it – cause everybody heard or used it even once. The list of the benefits is quite long, and one of the most valuable of them is the most extensive goods range. You can buy there everything – starting from the toothbrush and finishing with diamond engagement rings  . This platform is known for its vast sell-outs when you can buy anything with the 90 percent discount. The AliExpress broke its own sales record in the last year on 11th of November (Singles' Day or Guanggun Jie). The number of goods was sold that day nearly $25.3 billion  and it increases to 39 percent than on a year before.

Here is represented the most significant sales on AliExpress, which are worthy of your attention on this year:

  • 25.08.2018 - Lucky Purchase
  • 28.08.2018 - Back-to-school/Fall Preview Sale
  • 31.10.2018 - Halloween Sale
  • 11.11.2018 - Singles' Day (World’s Biggest Sale)
  • 23.11.2018 - Black Friday
  • 26.11.2018 - Cyber Monday
  • 12.12.2018 - Sale’s Day
  • Since 13.12.2018 - The Biggest Christmas & New Year’s Sales

Chinese online-shop Banggood  - this shop specializes in electronic devices. Here are represented the latest smartphones, fitness tracker’s,  smart gadgets, portable chargers  , etc. The range is not limited to the technical devices only – there you can find: household appliances and goods, modern clothes, stylish bijou, bags, cosmetics, etc. Also, the delivery service is free for the US customers – the USPS courier organizes it.

Chinese goods store JoyBuy  one of the oldest online shop, which starts its activity in China. Despite its Chinese analog  , it has an awesome English version and its oriented at US market. In our opinion, this source has a more comfortable and intuitive interface comparing with AliExpress, and this is the great benefit of the shop. Also, Joybuy organizes sales often. In case you are planning your shopping and follow the website’s news, you can buy all the interested goods with the reasonable prices.

Bijou & Cosmetics in China  - it’s the favorite women shop. And this fact is not surprising – cause here is represented the most comprehensive assortment of bijou, beauty supply  , and other cosmetics stuff. This shop is a leader in the low-price category. As well, there you can find not only cosmetics – electronics, sports stuff and a lot of whatnots for home comfort making.

Online Shop Gear best  - an online Chinese shop, which is a leader in electronic stores. There you can find no end of cheap cell phones (Xiaomi mi, Redmi, Huawei, Xiami),  tablets, headsets and other useful devices. The laptop and PC fans will be pleasantly surprised with the prices and device range. And how is without beloved clothes and home stuff. Gearbest is the other one multipurpose shop, with a bias towards electronics.

DealExtreme Shop  - this Chinese shop called until 2012. However, it got a short and sonorous name - - after the redesign and other internal transformations. Its prices are a little bit higher, compared with other online shops, but this compensates for the highest product quality and an excellent customer protection system.

On the website are represented different categories:

Notwithstanding,  has an unofficial reputation of electronic store among its users. And there is a real ocean of devices there. Starting from cheap ones and finishing with flagship products. While shopping at , you can use your Mastercard and Visa cards, either PayPal account. The USPS delivery is free, in case you order from China. Also, you can find there a lot of sales, special offers, partnership programs and other useful stuff, which can help you to save your money while shopping.

Tinydeal online store  - the biggest Chinese retail online store. It proposes the full range of different products, including the cheap cell phones  tablets, a Samsung and Apple device supplies, clothes, bijou, home stuff and other. Also, at this store, you can find some unique stuff, which is not represented at the other Chinese stores. An additional bonus is the prices is quite reasonable!

Mankind must visit Tinydeal website. After getting the colossal impressions, you can’t refuse to buy some auto parts and car accessories  . Besides, you should also stock up the touristic equipment for the future vacation.

TinyDeal Benefits:

  • A vast range of goods, which can be compared with Banggood
  • A handy sorting. In our opinion – there is one of the most practical sorting systems, which based on the grouping. Here you can easily find anything you want.
  • Free USPS shipping.
  • Regular sales.
  • PayPal support.

Buy wisely – use the online comparison site

We recommend not to making ill-considered purchases from Chinese shops – you’d better weight all the pros and cons. It's not a secret that a lot of people choose to buy smth in China with the highest prices, compared with the USA. That’s why we propose you to use a particular service , which compares prices online. Website usage is quite simple – you should type in the interested goods, and the service will show you all the available shops and prices there.

For example:

  • Irobot Roomba 980  – on the Bizrate are represented all the stores, where you can buy this device.
  • Smart watch  - on  you can filter the available devices by the interesting parameter, such as operating system (Android watch), waterproofness, producer (Samsung, Google, Apple, Lg), for women or men, etc.
  • GPS tracking device  - Garmin, Prology, Pioneer. You can filter the accessories, using its additional equipment (for example, with a built-in camera).
  • In case you wanna buy a  Samsung Galaxy S 9  – all the stores with it are available on the Bizrate web source .
  • Philips SoniCare toothbrush  - you also can find a store, which will be nearest to your home.
  • Also, using , you can buy all the necessary  pet supplies .
  • This website  is a real find for car holders. You can find there anything you need with the most reasonable price. All the cars need to change tires on a regular basis. Its no matter which producer do you need – Costco, Americas, Tires Plus or else – here you can find the discount tires  for any vehicle!
  • One of the most popular purchases in summer season is an air conditioner. If you wanna equip your house with this device, on , you can find the most popular models, such as portable or window air conditioner, devices with both heating and cooling option.

Possible risks you can face, while shopping in Chinese online shop:

Delivery terms from China to the USA can be nearly two months, especially in the Christmas sales season. You can choose an express delivery option, but in this case, the total cost of your purchase will increase because the delivery will cost a couple of dozens of dollars.

Your parcel can be broken during the delivery. Also, the carrier can lose the item. In this case, the seller must send you a new package with your order.

The Guarantee for goods, which were bought in the Chinese shop, usually is not available in the USA. It means that if you broke your device with a guarantee case, you wouldn’t be able to repair it for free in the USA. In this case, you should send the device to seller and hope for his decency. The whole procedure takes a lot of time – that’s why a majority prefers to repair device for the own money.

Ours recommends for purchases in Chinese online shops:

  • Create a PayPal account and use it for payments. This method will help you to get the money back in case of some controversial situations with the seller.
  • When receiving the parcel, check its content carefully. You can open the box and check all the ordered stuff right in the postal office.

It’s crucial for us to get your feedback according to this article with the most common Chinese online shops. You can write your opinion about this information – was it useful, interesting, probably, you wanna see more data according to one of the shops.

If we get a lot of reviews from our users, we’ll keep on posting these useful articles. Also, we’re planning to enter the new headings – about sales, stocks and promo codes in Chinese shops. At an early date, we'll do a review for cashback services. For example,  or  give you an opportunity to save the money with every purchase, and not even from China.

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