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Deutsche Post official customer service

Deutsche Post contact no: 49 228 43 33 112
Deutsche Post website www.dhl.de

Typical Deutsche Post tracking number:

AA123456789DE or 12-digits (only numeric)

Deutsche Post – the Biggest Express Company in the World and the Deutsche Post Tracking Service

On this web page, you can make use of the fastest Deutsche Post tracking service. We offer you an excellent opportunity to trace your mail or package, delivered via this express company. k2track is available round-the-clock, so, at any time you like, you can defer to our services. For all the items, sent to the USA - use the USPS tracking page.

Deutsche Post: What Does It Offer?

Nowadays this is the biggest logistics company in the world, located in Bonn, Germany. The staff of the company comprises more than 470,000 employees. Its offices are located in more than 220 foreign countries. According to the statistics, its income in 2010 was more than € 57 billion.
This is a reliable and well-organized company, offering an extensive range of services. Each citizen of Germany employs with the services of Deutsche Post and prefers this corporation to many others. This company is the leading one in the market of similar services and proposes some customized logistics solutions for all kinds of customers.

Deutsche Post Tracking Service and the Range of Other Services

The main target of this global corporation is to unite people from various countries by delivering mails, packages and other types of services. They specialize in delivering any goods ranging from an ordinary birthday card to life-saving drugs. The corporate divisions are as follows:

· Mail. This division ships more than 70 million letters per one week countrywide. Besides, those who are greatly concerned about the shipment process can employ with the Deutsche Post tracking service.
· DHL Express. This department is in charge of delivering express, package or courier shipments throughout the world.
· Forwarding/Freight delivers cargoes under the DHL brand. Deutsche Post tracking number allows customers to control every stage of delivery.
· Supply Chain provides warehousing services and handles all types of documents.

The company is proud of its range of services and its contribution to the economic development. Besides, the company has lots of corporate responsibility programs.

How to track your package or mail?

Our online service allows you and all other clients of this international company to monitor your parcel. For doing this, you have to type in the field above your Deutsche Post tracking number and the system will prepare a report for you, showing where your package or parcel is at the moment. Official website of this company also offers you such service, however, k2track is the best one for those who cooperate with several express companies simultaneously.

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