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CTT official customer service

CTT phone no: 707 26 26 26 (The maximum price of the call is € 0.10 per minute for fixed calls, and € 0.25 per minute, for calls from mobile phones. VAT not included.)
CTT website www.ctt.pt
CTT online mailing form

CTT typical tracking number:


CTT Expresso: Happy Clients is our Priority

CTT Expresso is one of the best Portuguese delivery service providers. The company provides its services in the sphere of the mail, parcel and international shipment logistics. Its headquarter is located in Lisbon, Portugal. However, the company operates in many other European countries and delivers client’s orders all over the world. The main goal of the CTT Expresso is convenient delivery and efficient communication solutions. For the achievement of the goals the logistics provider built large and effective network, created several large hubs and implemented a very powerful CTT tracking system. Due to the CTT courier tracking service clients can easily track the location of any postal item at their convenience.
Being a client-oriented company, CTT pays much of attention to the personal development of all employees. When you pass your cargo to the company’s representative, you can be sure that it will be delivered on time and damage free.

CTT Tracking: Your Any-place Monitoring System

CTT Expresso tracking is a convenient, round the clock monitoring system, which allows obtaining data about all of your orders in a split second. To check the order a client needs to visit the company’s official website and enter a special CTT Expresso tracking number into the special field. The CTT package tracking system contains information regarding such postal item’s parameters as weight, estimated time of delivery, location, estimated value, etc. You can be sure that the data you receive online can be fully trusted. The company has a great support team, which monitors the work of CTT shipping tracking round the clock and days per week. When the order comes to one of the company’s service centers it is registered in a special database. So, when a user enters a tracking number, they get information about the latest location of the order.
CTT Expresso offers to its clients a lot of domestic and international services.
Among the main services it is necessary to mention the following:

· Domestic parcel delivery;
· International package delivery;
· Fast delivery solution throughout Iberian territory;
· Urgent international transportation;
· Delivery of non-standard size items.

Comparison of Standard Monitoring Systems and K2track service

The majority of people do not send parcels very often, so when there appears a necessity to track a parcel it is not difficult to open the tracking service of a delivery company and get necessary information. However, there are many people who work in the sphere of logistics and have to track hundreds of orders every day. Definitely in such situations it is not convenient to open hundreds of web pages and track all of the orders. In similar situations it is much more convenient to use only one, universal tracking service like k2track system. The system also contains detailed data concerning each order.
So, if you want to save your precious time and to know all necessary information about the cargo you can rely upon one universal tracking system.

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