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CMA CGM Group official customer service

CMA CGM Group phone no: +33 (0)4 88 91 90 00
CMA CGM Group website www.cma-cgm.com
CMA CGM Group online mailing form

CMA CGM Group typical tracking number:


CMA CGM Shipping Company Overview

The customers who at least once despatched their items with CMA GGM Company know for sure that their packages and other types of cargo are safe being delivered by this company. This is a leading shipping group, operating all over the world. With an office network of over 800 agencies in over 170 countries, the company is considered one of the largest delivery company, and a reliable one at that.

The Company’s main office is located in Marseille and has over 2,500 staff members. Every day, millions of packages are delivered to their owners with the help of this particular company, which always exceeds expectations in meeting consumer’s needs, offering only secure solutions. CMA CGM tracking that assists you in monitoring the delivery process for your item is available on the k2track service.

The Activities of CMA CGM

This delivery company works with the huge orders and pursues the following objectives:
• To remain an expert in offering professional shipping services;
• Provides the various solutions for any shipping need. Dry goods are delivered in dry containers; frozen goods are delivered in refrigerated containers. Regardless of the type of cargo, the company knows how to deliver packages.
• Providing deliveries to any part of the world, using one of more than 471 vessels that belong to the company.
• The expansion of company’s network by creating subsidiaries, operating in every strategic shipping port. Besides, clients always have access to CMA container tracking services.

Another significant feature of this company is that it cares about the environment – it is involved in the voluntary initiatives and collaborates with international environmental organizations.

If you are the customer of this company and are interested in CMA CGM tracking service, welcome to k2track. On this web page, you can always use your CMA CGM tracking number to find out where your package is now. This particular company cares about its customers and always presents the most valid information. Besides, the information about CMA tracking is available to customers online and round-the-clock.

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