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CEVA official customer service

CEVA contact no: 800-888-4949
CEVA website www.cevalogistics.com
CEVA online mailing form

Typical CEVA tracking number:

Usually сontains 8 numeric characters - 12345678

The Benefits of CEVA Logistics and CEVA Tracking Service

On this web page, you can make use of CEVA tracking service, allowing you to trace your package, sent via this company. Our service operates round-the-clock. It means that every minute we provide the clients of this company with the precise information about the delivery process.

About CEVA Incorporation

CEVA is a young company in the modern world of logistics. However, its entrepreneurial spirits date back to 1946. More than 60 years ago, the company had just one truck and the other name. Later, the company was sold to affiliates of New York and acquired the name, which is well-known nowadays – CEVA Logistics.
Nowadays this global company offers a full spectrum of transportation and logistics services, operating throughout the globe. The company serves in more than 160 countries and has the stuff, consisting of 41,000 employees. This is the leading supply chain corporation, specializing in providing a lot of solutions for contract logistics, freight management, transportation and distribution management.
Besides, the company cares for the clients and provides them with the capability to trace everything they deliver via this company. CEVA tracking service allows doing it.

The Range of CEVA Services

The team of specialists cares for all customer’s logistics. The company offers specialized services like:

• CEVA Showfreight. This department is in charge of all logistics for exhibitions, sporting events or theatrical tours.
• CEVA Asset Recovery. The company provides clients with the first-class experience in the area of reverse logistics.
• CEVA Fixtures. This department offers a full set of services that correspond to customer’s demands. The company uses freight management in a combination with warehousing capabilities to guarantee on time shipment.

This particular company is a reliable one, delivering a full range of supply chain services. Besides, it cooperates with the leading experts in logistics to provide industry’s best shipping services. Furthermore, if you know your CEVA tracking number, you have an opportunity to control the shipment process.

CEVA Track Service or How to Monitor CEVA Management Shipment

k2track offers every customer of this company to use CEVA tracking services. Being the client of this company, you have a unique CEVA tracking number. Just enter it in the field and press the button “track it”. Users of our service will surely be satisfied because k2track operates 24/7 and for tracking you need to indicate your track number (your personal data, email address, and another information is not required).

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