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Bulgarian post official customer service

Bulgarian post phone no: 02 / 949 3280
Bulgarian post website www.bgpost.bg

Bulgarian post typical tracking number:


Bulgarian Post: Reliability is Our Motto

Bulgarian Post is the largest delivery service provider in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1879. Just one month after the company was accepted to the Universal Postal Union. With the course of time the number of company’s offices increased to 3008. The offices cover 80,060 km of postal routes. Since the 1997 the postal provider was transformed into a joint-stock company. The company was constantly developing its infrastructure, increasing the number of service centres, transportation fleet and delivery routes.
One of the major priorities of the logistics company is a constant training of personnel. High level of training allows providing top class services to clients all over the country.
Definitely, being the biggest logistics company in the country, Bulgarian Post pays special attention to the Bulgarian Post track system. The Bulgarian Post tracking system is a unique tracking instrument, which allows monitoring the postal sending. The Bulgarian Post track service contains comprehensive data about every order.
The Bulgarian Postal Service is a combination of services provided to the clients.
Among the most important of them it is necessary to mention the following:

· Mail delivery;
· Delivery of packages;
· Special financial services.

All delivery items can be easily tracked using a Bulgarian tracking service.

How to Get Information about the Order Using the Bulgarian Post Tracking Number?

If a client wants to receive the information about a sent postal item – nothing’s easier. With the help of a tracking number one can get all necessary data online. To check the data one needs to open an official website of the company and enter a unique tracking number in the special field on the official web page. Using a tracking system it is possible to track not only letters or packages sent within the country, but international orders as well.
The work of the system is monitored by a professional support team, which solves any technical issues in a moment. Every member of a support team understands the necessity of trouble free work of the service.
When a client makes a request, the system processes data almost immediately, so one can be sure that the information is updated and the location of postal item corresponds to the received information.

K2track system: A Universal Tracking Tool

When a person sends a mail or a parcel, it is always so exciting to find out the location of your sending at this specific moment. The tracking systems help us obtain this information in a few seconds. They are very useful. However, very often people send something using not one delivery service. In such situations, the necessity to track information with the help of several systems appears. Definitely, it is not convenient to open many web pages. However, there is a very easy answer. One can use only one, universal tracking system. K2track is just one of such online services. It provides users with the detailed information about orders made through various logistics companies. The service is very convenient and time saving.

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