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Averitt official customer service

Averitt contact no: 1-800-AVERITT (283-7488)
Averitt website www.averittexpress.com

Typical Averitt tracking number:

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The Story of Averitt

In these latter days, Averitt Express is deemed to be the leading supply chain management and freight transportation provider in the country. It was founded in 1958 by Thurman Averitt and first, the company’s name was Livingston Merchant’s Co-op. It was an ordinary trucking company, specializing in the transportation of dry goods between Livingston, TN and Nashville. In 10 years the owner made a decision to incorporate his company and renamed it. The name was changed into the Averitt Express.

Certainly, at that time, there was no need to speak about such service as the Averitt Express tracking. However, the transportation services, provided by this company were in great request among the customers. The company continued regular delivery of goods in Nashville and continued improving the service quality.

However, in 1971 Thurman sold his company to Garry Sasser, who became the owner of this enterprise. By the way, this man was only 20. At the time, it was a small company, comprising only several tractors and trailers.

Nowadays, each logistics company can be jealous of its success. The company offers many solutions to deliver your cargo to any point of the country. Besides, each client can easily defer to the services of the Averitt Tracking system. This is the fastest method to check the order status in the comfort of one’s home.

The Overview of the Services

First, it bears mentioning that irrespective of the kind of services you select, you will always be offered to check the order status online. The Averitt tracking information is available for everyone interested either on this website or on the official website of the company.

If you plan to deliver cargo, using the services of the Averitt Express, you will be offered the following:
· LTL Services (Regional, North-America, Climate-Control and Locally-Customized);
· Specialized Services (Expedited Ground, Expedited Air, Custom Solutions, Specialized Equipment);
· Warehousing;
· Retail Solutions;
· International;
· Cross-Border (goods transportation to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico);
· Truckload.

Besides, all trucks are well-equipped and can deliver any type of goods to any town of the country.

The Ways to Control the Shipping

In fact, almost all modern delivery companies offer either cargo or mail tracking systems. This is done as a matter of convenience for their clients. This company is not an exception to the rules. The Averitt tracking system is your tool, allowing you to control the shipment or to find out data where your parcel is right now.

At the top of this webpage, you can see an empty field. You just need to enter the Averitt tracking number there. You will be provided with the report rapidly.

The same information you can get, using the services of k2track – an international system for tracking packages, letters or cargos. You can also find the Averitt Express Tracking system here. This system generates information rapidly. It is faster to check the current order status via this service than to attend the post office or pick-up point personally.

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