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Be noticed that you can find out the parcel's whereabouts with the same number type using USPS track page.

Asendia USA official customer service

Asendia USA contact no. (800) 624-5287
Asendia USA website www.asendiausa.com
Asendia USA online mailing form

Typical Asendia USA tracking number:


Asendia Tracking Service and the Major Information about the Company

About Asendia Courier This is one of the biggest international distribution, mail and shipping organizations. It is added in the list of the top three companies, providing express delivery services. Asendia caters its services for more than 200 destinations worldwide, allowing millions of people to make use of its spectrum of services. Speaking about the quality of the services provided by Asendia Courier and its experience in the area of providing delivery services this company is unique. It was founded only in 2012, as a partnership between Swiss Post and La Poste. During these years, the organization managed to attain great success in this business. Nowadays, its staff comprises more than 1000 employees worldwide. Its network of offices covers more than 15 countries. Furthermore, the company works in with the delivery partners in order to provide their services faster. Asendia cares for the needs of its clients and always wants to be closer to them. Their main target is to be a partner to all its clients, providing help for them to succeed in their business. It makes no matter what type of consignment your need to deliver, the company offers plenty of solutions. Asendia tracking service allows you to monitor the delivery process. The company’s mission is to exceed in all interactions with all their clients. Besides, the organization cares for its staff and provides them with good working conditions and fair wages. If you look for the way to check your cargo or parcel, you can type in the search engine the request “Asendia track and trace”, and you will be offered plenty of portals. However, our system is the best one, because it processes data rapidly and allows you to control shipment, using your Asendia USA tracking number.

The Services of Asendia Courier

Collaborating with this company, you will be offered to make use of the international shipment, distribution and mail services. With the Asendia international tracking system, you can monitor the shipment of your cargo.

The whole list of facilities is as follows:

• Delivery of goods throughout the world. It makes no matter what type of goods you need to deliver, the company proposes plenty of delivery solutions.
• Business Mail. With this type of facilities, the company meets the distribution requirements of business. Besides, they guarantee a reliable delivery.
• Distribution of international direct mailings. Many solutions for cross-border marketing campaigns.
• Press. The distribution of periodicals or magazines.
Independently of the kind of facilities you choose, the Asendia track service is your chance to assure yourself that your package is on the way to you.

Ho to Check My Package Online?

Our website proposes you an exceptional opportunity to employ with the Asendia track service. We operate round the clock, so at any time of the day you can take your mobile device, enter your track number and see where your package is right now.

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